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Earlier today Google held its "Inside Search" event in California, where they showed us a lot of cool new features built in (or being built in) to, both on the desktop and mobile.  We were hinted at one of them earlier -- Google Places buttons and code added right into the mobile page.  The final version looks pretty slick -- tap a place icon, and you're presented with a map that stays above your search results and adjusts to fit the results you're seeing.

What we didn't see coming, but is every bit as cool, is a type of query builder now built into the search box.  If you use search auto-complete, you know what happens if you tap one of the suggestions -- you start a search for it.  Now, you have a new choice -- a plus button that will add the term to the search box, but let you add more.  Yes, it's the same as was offered in the Google Search app, but now available on the web as well.  These additions are available for Android 2.2 and higher, and iOS 4 or higher.  Check it out, as well as some more about the Places icons, in a couple short videos after the break.

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Youtube link for mobile viewing


Youtube link for mobile viewing


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Google brings more features to mobile search


No one with an Android phone goes to "" . . . that's what the search button is for or the search widget. Seems unnecessary honestly.

i dont even use the widget, i just hit the search button/magnifying glass on the touch panel and i start typing.

side note, Jerry, you might want to blur the Gmail addy on that screen cap. Unless of course you dont care about possible spam :)

On your android browser? Why not use the Facebook app for that? Maybe you know a secret that I don't but I would love to know it!

I use over the search button or widget because I prefer an alternate browser (Miren) over the stock browser which the search button activates.

Maybe I am missing a setting that allows the search button to use an alternate browser though....

To use the Search button for Miren isn't easy but if you want to. Do this: the "search button". the "menu button" to bring up the settings. 3. click "search settings" 4. then click "searchable items". 5. make sure you check mark "Miren Browser" and uncheck "Broswer". 6. Get back out and in the search button page select the blue "G" drop down and select "Miren Browser" and then type in your search.

Hope this helped a little.

Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Browser>Clear defaults.

Then try using Google Search and it should ask you what browser you want to use.

Yeah. I agree. I ALWAYS usse my widegt but if I'm in the browser ill pop another window up and hit

Despite it not being used much, its good to see they are always improving the little things that tend to make up the entire bug picture.

Yep, always great to see improvement. Maybe they are improving their mobile pages to be "app"-like because they are readying the big rumor of a "Chrome Phone" which is without apps. Just a long shot thought.

If I have 'mobile view' turned off in my settings, can I still access these features? Is there a mobile google page I can set up for my default? I want the google mobile site as my default but i'd like all other sites I visit to not be the mobile versions.

I NEVER use the Google search bar widget, I always use the mobile website. I personally find it more convenient because I don't have to scroll through home screens to get to the widget, my browser is on my main page and it goes straight to