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Back at Google IO in May, our benevolent overlords detailed their intentions to make mobile advertising more immersive, akin to Apple's iAds. Today, we're starting to see some of the fruits of that labor with AdWords location extensions. Businesses can show their location (via an embedded Google Map, natch) and clickable phone number all in an expanding and contracting ad, right inside an app. Says Google:

This new ad format is available on mobile devices with full Internet browsers and allows you to expand your advertising campaigns to reach highly engaged mobile users with relevant local information as they use their favorite apps or websites to check the weather, read the news, play games or pursue other mobile interests.

Ads that truly are useful? Crazy talk! [Google Mobile Ads blog]


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Google bolsters mobile apps with expandable app 'extensions'


Just i wanted......more intrusive ads embedded in my mobile apps. Just my opinion but if i wanted to know the location and number I'd just search for it.

Off on a tangent here...

Everytime I see Google or another company advertising something on a Nexus One I say to myself mission accomplished. Whether it sold or not it did what it needed to do which was become the face of Android that can be recognized by anybody while being as carrier and manufacturer neutral as possible. All before you had to show one handset or another to show something on Android and that could lead to problems.

If ads keep apps free and developers somewhat paid, then I say go for it. If it doesn't work, then I'd be a little more skeptical. But if Google can't make money off Android, how much longer will be be around?