The folks who do this sort of thing have updated the Google Apps package today, handing you a shiny new flashable to go with that 4.2.1 AOSP ROM you're about to download.

Technically a grey area, Google doesn't release their closed source applications for redistribution. Instead, they get sucked out of a phone running the current version, and blood, sweat, and scripts are used to create a package that gives you all the Googley services you would expect from an Android phone.

Yesterday's 4.2.1 updates didn't bring about any new versions of the Gapps, so we imagine this update is more along the lines of streamlining and enhancing the installation process -- the biggest step in the whole process. Grab em from the source link below so you have them the next time you need them.

Download from

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ljv says:

Note, it's for 4.2 not 4.1.2.

deltatux says:

Ummm, was there a typo? 4.2.1 was what was released yesterday, not 4.1.2....

uscsailor says:

Jerry don't you mean 4.2.1?

dskwerl says:

I installed this earlier and kept getting an AOSP Keyboard Has Stopped Working error. I reloaded my backup from just before I installed and all is well again. My guess is that it doesn't really apply to CM10 yet (or at all?)

BjarteR says:

Correct, it's for CM10.1, since it's Gapps for 4.2.1, not 4.1.2. :)

dskwerl says:

See, I got a notifcation from GooManager that an update was available, but it didn't say it was for a specific version. So now it all makes sense.

tekchic says:

Please correct your article - this is for 4.2.1, not 4.1.2.

moosc says:

I hate the gmail app it is terrible. Bring back the
Old version

shahirbear says:

Nice, this fixed the weird focus and freeze issue of the gApps i installed earlier :) THANKS!

breadfan758 says:

Link seems to be broken.

The file you requested was not found
Lets see if we can find that for you...
Search results for gapps/

tjorim says:

Also having this problem, even when manually browsing for it i can't find it.

randyw says:

No regular Email or Corporate accounts in this. Had to use 20121125.