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Official Google+ app hits version 4.0 with Snapseed photo tools and more

Update: The new version of Google+ is now live!

Following on from the 41 new Google+ features announced at Google I/O last week, Google has unveiled one more to bring the count up to 42 -- a new Google+ app for Android. The new Google+ version 4.0 incorporates many of the photo management and enhancement features of the latest update to G+ on the web. Specifically, Google+ will automatically show you "highlights" of each photo gallery, saving you from digging through large galleries of imperfect shots. It'll also allow you to preview or undo automatic photo enhancements. "Auto-awesome," the tool that lets you create animations or panoramas from still shots, is included as well.

But the biggest news for Google+ photo sharing might be the addition of Snapseed photo enhancements directly within the app. A selection of filters including Drama and Retrolux can be accessed from with in the app, alongside bread-and-butter tweaks like cropping, rotating and exposure changes.

Location sharing is also a bit smarter in Google+ 4.0, allowing you to see friends who are sharing their location directly on a map, in a new "locations" section. Automatic hashtags, added to Google+ on the web last week, makes its way to Android in this latest update too.

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Google+ for Android updated with new photo enhancements, improved location sharing


I hope you're right about the retiring of Messenger. But their article's screenshots have both Hangouts and Messenger in the menu.

Look at the screenshots on the Google+ post - messenger and hangouts are both there now. Doesn't look like it's going away.

Chill out people messenger will go away. They are working on porting messenger conversations to hangout. it will go away soon.

I was hoping they fix the swipe from edge to show up sidebar and fix the UP icon like Play Music/Play Books

The screenshots don't show the new navigation drawer. I sure hope they implemented this, as the old version has some roll your own drawer that moved the whole action bar, and required touching the up button to open the drawer, rather than a swipe.

Also, I sure hope they finally implemented the Android share handler. It's silly not being able to share a post with other apps. Copying the link was added in the last update, but that seems like a lazy approach.

So, it's now live in the market and not compatible with any of my lots of devices. Not even my Droid DNA or N7.... Nexus 4 exclusive?

Even from my device in the market, It says it's incompatible. lol

Seems like they goofed in pushing it to the Play store. If you look at the play store entry it has "requires android 2.2 to 2.3.7". Will probably get fixed soon enough.

Just looked and mine says latest version is 20 May version 4.0.0 then when I backed out and looked in the app manager it told me 3.6.1 and google+ FC'd. I went back into the play store on the phone and it is no longer listed....

So it updated and was listed in the play store app under my installed apps and now it is not listed at all and it reverted back to 3.6 and FC'd. It is back up and running again but version 3.6

Wonder if something is wrong and they remote uninstalled it.....

we are pretty sure they just screwed up the android compatible version numbers as someone mention above. 2.2 - 2.3.7 is not right at all LOL

Oh and a high maturity level LOL Google+ just went to porn!

They screwed up in the manifest. Only available for Froyo and Gingerbread lol. They're working on a fix. I was wondering why I hadn't received the update via the Play Store lol.

I would try it out, but it doesn't work on newer versions of Android.

Note: I understand that this must be an error... I'm just being snarky.

I've just discovered something, I have the HTC One Google+ was pre-installed. The Google+ in the Google Play is not the same version as the pre-installed version. I get "your device is not compatible", as some have mentioned.

They are indeed phasing out Messenger. Clicking on that link takes you to the list of your OLD messages with a huge sign up top telling you to make sure you "Update to Hangouts" with a button to open the app.

I would imagine they are in the process of transitioning data from the messenger app over to Hangouts before completely nixing it...

This morning Google Play said that G+ is not compatible with my device (AT&T S3), and at around noon I see in Okay that there's a new version of Google+, I press update, and WHILE IT IS DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING, IT SAYS THAT THIS VERSION IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MY DEVICE... That is messed up!

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

that's cool from Google. But software should be more lighter and user friendly and also cool looking. If it's too much heavy in use then whatever the biggest facilities the company are going to give, will make it worst to user.

Thanks in Advance