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Gmail takes the day off to celebrate Android's fifth birthday

If you're experiencing problems accessing your Gmail account or receiving mail in a timely manner this evening, you're not alone. Some Google services, mainly Gmail, Calendar and Google Drive, seem to be both herping and derping at the time of writing.

Google downtime is pretty rare, and we're sure any outage affecting such prominent services will be looked into swiftly. For what it's worth, the Google apps status page lists Gmail as experiencing an outage, and Drive as being disrupted.



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Gmail, some other Google services experiencing disruption


This...Music is going, that is what is important ;P
My coworkers are freaking out, but I kept telling them the emails will eventually make it the recipients, just give it time. Patience isn't their strongest quality.

Yep, I've just sent and gotten replies to 3-4 emails in the last 10 minutes since reading this story.

Right, because having your old email stored on an SDcard is really going to help you get new email as they are sent to you when Google is having sync issues.

But what does that have to do with things being saved to the SD card versus... say internal storage? I think I am missing the point here.

I would guess that the poster means files stored on Google drive might not be available as opposed to having them stored on an SD card. Many devices the internal storage is too small for some people.

Your link of "More:" means this is just a joke, right?!?

You can't seriously believe you would get honest appraisal from Microsoft of how good/bad Google's services are, do you?!?

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Why can't I reply to some of the comments above? Seen this on other articles too, what's the dealio?

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Can this have anything to do with the "check in" Google services 11m wake lock Igot today? II've never seen it

Of course this happens 4 days after I start using Drive for a collaborative budget document we are preparing with our branch offices. I'm bettin its our fault. ;-) Only so much padding Drive can accommodate.

Mines working good apart from refunding an in app purchase but it might just be taking time to refund

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My hotmail account is forwarding to me gmail and neither email I received to hotmail a couple hours ago forwarded. Seems I am struck with the issue. company migrated today with the new IT department setting us up with google accounts.....wondering why none of us are getting emails.....cant sync folders, emails 4 to 5 hours afterwards. Not very google like

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For a few days I have been experiencing problems Searching for apps in the Play Store. Any search query returns no results even for apps which I'd previously installed

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