During yesterdays keynote presentation of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at Google I/O, you will have heard talk of 'Project Butter.' This is the new, 'buttery smooth,' UI coming along with Jelly Bean. To highlight just how good this is, Google Mobile has uploaded a demonstration/promotional video to their YouTube channel. 

In the video, you see a vastly slowed down comparison between two different Galaxy Nexus phones. One runs Ice Cream Sandwich, the other is packing Jelly Bean. We won't spoil the ending, but it's pretty impressive. 

Source: Google Mobile (YouTube)

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hmmm says:

I wonder how well this will work with skins like Sense, Touchwiz and Blur?

ofteno says:

blur no longer exist :) google killed that thing ;)

E_man says:

Oh? The name blur doesn't exist, but the skin was still on in the last ICS update for the Razr.

moosc says:

Sense and touch wiz will bog down. Moto skin is minimal so it won't b affected. And fyi blur is dead


Great now everyone who sees this will have to start threads on how slow ics is and how they need jb now or thier heads will explode from the slow software they are currently running.
Maybe Phil can mention again how he doesn't like the new touch wiz so when the s3 gets out to masses I can read about that all day also.

XavierMatt says:

haaha nailed it.

Cares says:

That's a pretty cool demo with RED cameras.

hmmm says:

Ok, the skin formally known as blur. It isn't stock so I'll refer to it as blur until they give me a new name to work with.

moosc says:

but no matter what moto calls we as a community will always call it blur.

Loony2nz#AC says:

I kinda like the persistent search box in ICS over JB. The gray background is too intrusive on your wallpaper.

E_man says:

Agreed. However, with JB, you can opt to not use the search widget (in a third party launcher) and still have quick access to search swiping from the home button.

TLS2000 says:

:45 <- Google is promoting smoking in the workplace. lol

crxssi says:

Yeah- I saw that too

BrnPnngr says:

It's a soldering iron. ;-)

Krynn says:

Anyone notice how the contact photo for 'Kira' was at a much higher resolution on the Jelly Bean phone?

minhaferzz says:

You can now use 720x720 resolution photos for contacts in Jelly Bean.

squiddy20 says:

Thank you Google!

Krynn says:

So... Significantly better than the 256x256 that ICS supports. Nice.

What's not so nice is that the Gmail contact image is still 96x96. I was sorta hoping that had been fixed too.

Mac58 says:

I have jelly bean on my GN and no doubt its fast, but the video always seems as if the hand on the ICS device is moving a tad bit slower. Like they pushed the button first on the JB Nexus and then on then on the ICS device...Maybe its just me lol

bbond says:

That's definitely what it looked like to me too.

jbrandonf says:

I was about to comment this. The JB phone always had its button pressed first so the speed always looked faster. I'm not expecting much in the new upgrade if this video is any example.

CaCHooKaMan says:

because i live my life in 300 fps

Exactly, I'd like to see it in 'real life' speed because if you need to slow it down to notice the improvements, people won't notice it. I'm sure it'll be smoother, but slowing it down to show how fast it is seems silly.....

zacisblack says:

It's definitely noticeable. I installed the SDK port to my Nexus and holy hell it's smooth. iOS-like smoothness and the animations are amazing. You really need to try it to see.

bkosh84 says:

You win the internets for a day.

rap1 says:

I think the focus on butter is good. That's one thing compared to ios Android can sometimes experience lag.

svinyard says:

WTF? This is pointless to me. I want to see it next to iOS on Crapples latest unicorn tear device. That is the standard and that is what we Droid want to see on our super powerful devices. I don't think application lag is the problem. I think its scrolling and browser scrolling more importantly that is the problem. iOS owns my sorry ass on this and I'm tired of hearing about it from the Drones. Lets finally get this right!!!

3rdpig says:

Every day that passes I never fail to get pissed at how unbuttery my phone's UI is. Thanks Google, this will improve my life to a huge degree, I'll be a new person all thanks to project butter.

Shadow53007 says:

Now that you mention it, my Evo LTE also suffers from unbutteryness.. I need jelly bean asap so I can continue my normal life.

roltzje says:

They are only slowing it down to show the details of what they have done. Just like recently reviewers and companies have been zooming into the screen, taking a picture at a distance that you would never look at your tablet or phone at, so that you can see the difference in pixels, such as the new iPad or such. No one is going to put their face 3 inches away from the screen, but its the details that effect the overall feel.