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We're usually a little skeptical of information coming from EXIF data in photos. This metadata is easy to tamper with, for one, and can sometimes paint a misleading picture of possible future devices. Nevertheless, the presence of a photo from a "Nexus 10" device on Picasa warrants further investigation, so bear with us while we do a little sleuthing.

The 5-megapixel image appears to have been taken in testing and automatically uploaded to the tester's Picasa account. The photo in question shows a color testing card in various shades, which suggests it was captured as part of manufacturing tests rather than in regular day-to-day use. What's more, the individual who took it, a Eun-Hee Kim, has a Google+ history containing check-ins at a Samsung manufacturing plant in Gumi, South Korea, suggesting he or she is a Samsung employee. Samsung, of course, is widely rumored to be producing the reported 10-inch Nexus tablet.

Other notable EXIF nuggets include a build number of JVP12C -- an unknown Jelly Bean build -- and a capture date just a few days ago, on Oct. 15.

So far we've seen very reliable little in the public domain surrounding the "Nexus 10" tablet. Purported specs include a Samsung Exynos 5 processor (incidentally, the same chip shipping in Google's new Chromebook), and a beastly 2560x1600 display. If the tablets are already being manufactured at Samsung's South Korean facilities, that might suggest a release is closer than we expect.

Could Nexus 10 make a surprise appearance at Google's "Playground" event in New York City on Oct. 29? Let us know what you think down in the comments.

Source: Picasa, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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EXIF data hints at Samsung-made Nexus 10 tablet


Just for comparisons sake, the iPad 3 starts at $499 and the OLD IPAD 2 starts at $399! I know those are overpriced apple products, but still, you can't expect a vastly superior device at half the cost. I would expect this to start at the same price point as the Galaxy Note 10.1 ($499)

that would be great but it wont happen with a 10" screen.. however, i am going to go on record saying that this should be about $399 but with 16gb and 450 with 32. google knows they are the under dog in the tablet race, and need to price this to get it in peoples hands. If it was the same price as an ipad, gogole might lose a few sales.

I will say, i wish someone other than samsung was making it though. I really dont care for their build quality lately. Having had an HTC one s for a while now, every time i touch an s3 it just feels SO cheap IMO (not saying its a bad phone, just dont like the build quality)

What's more, who sits around an sifts exif data on Picasa pictures looking for device name that don't yet exist, and who automatically uploads photos for public access when testing devices under NDA?

I would like to imagine a price point around $399. I'm in fantasy land though, since Samsung is manufacturing it. The most likely price point is around $449-$499 for the 16GB version. The Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is priced at $499 for 16GB. Sammy won't cut into those sales, as they're getting as greedy as Apple. And the Note 10.1 doesn't have an A-15 based processor or a full HD (or higher) screen like the Nexus 10 is rumored to have. That said, with the Nexus 7 selling better than any of Samsung's tablets, Google might be able to persuade them to sell it cheaper since it will likely do high volume sales.

if its a Nexus, Samsung does really have a say in it AFAIK. This is a google device, MADE by samsung, but ultimately Goog is in charge of marketing and selling the device.

So much for "Exynos, a proprietary platform, will never be on a Nexus device"...

But come on Samsung, release the Exynos platform documentation already. Devs are going crazy, they're starting to hate the crap out of Exynos despite Samsung's community support!!!

I also WANT that Nexus smartphone with an Exynos 5 Dual! Otherwise, sorry Samsung, you're going to lose a HUGE Exynos fan for the Snapdragon S4 Pro!

While I don't really care about a 10" Nexus tablet, it would be nice for a change for a company to surprise us with products that were suspected, but not totally blurry cammed and spec leaked to death before announcement.
I'd love it if Larry pulled 4 or 5 Nexus devices out of his pockets and shocked us all!

I'm not sure Larry's pockets are big enough for a 10 inch tablet, if they are though I might just be sold on a new pair of pants

I'm not very optimistic that Samsung will use an Exynos processor in this tablet if it does exist..

It will probably be like the Galaxy Nexus, when they use TI instead of their Exynos, only this time they will use an S4 Pro, that is of course this tablet is real..

This is really good but after using the Note 10.1to don'tsee how any other tablet can even come close in terms of functionality.The Galaxy Note 10.1seems to have cured my lust for any other tablet

I'm really looking forward to this.

I am a massive Samsung and Android fan boy, but my Tab 10.1 and even Samsung's new tablets are really quite slow/laggy. It makes me sad.

I want it to shoot laser-guided missiles, transform into an autobot, play Battlefield 3, project a holographic concert of David Bowie and make me an espresso.

Only then will I pay $300 for one, nothing more.

The tablet space is suddenly becoming very exciting. The already mature iPad, the mini laptop Surface and Android's multiple offerings. I would love to see what sticks.