Goodnight, app.

Pre-installed apps can sleep with the fishes if you know where to look to do it

Recent versions of the Android platform have enabled a pretty powerful little trick — the ability to put just about any app to sleep. It's one of those thing folks who rooted their phones have been able to do, but now anyone can, thanks to Android's built-in application manager.

If you're new to all this (and we're seeing plenty of new faces every day) you'll need to know how before you dive in. You could probably find a short and incomplete explanation in the user manual that came with your phone, but we've a better idea. AC Ambassador Haalcyon has written up a complete primer that will show you how to put any app into a coma, as he calls it. Take a few minutes to read through it, and you'll be ready to say goodbye to those apps you never wanted to begin with. 

You've got a powerful little box in your hands. We're always here to help you learn how to effectively use it. Jump into the forums and have a look.

[Guide] How to disable apps


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Everything you wanted to know about disabling apps on your Android

75 Comments's bloatware. It's my phone and I shouldn't have to disable it. I don't care if other people find the app useful, Verizon should know I don't want it and not put it on MY phone! I need those extra 3 MB of storage that its taking up.

Have I missed anything?

Perhaps you missed the 4GB it takes up, rather than 3MB.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

I don't even know what to say to you if you think you've got 4GB of preinstalled apps other than please get help.

Unless you install an update, it's not taking up any usable space. System apps are in a separate partition from user apps.

How about apps that have the "disable" feature well, disabled?

Is there a way to force-disabling such apps?
maybe via root?
Now that I think about it, how would you know how safe it is to disable some apps, since some of them have really weird names and they don't include explanation of what is their purpose ?

Also, what really happens to an app when you click the "force stop" feature ?

And what really happens to an app that needs notifications (in order to stay alive), and you untick the "show notifications" checkbox?

Usually if the disable button is disabled, it could potentially mess up your system if that app were disabled.

Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7

Or it's just the manufacturer being retarded and wanting to force you to use their crap?

This feature is nearly useless on my wife's phone as nearly everything lg pre-installed is not disablable. I just wanted to make things simpler for her by getting rid of crap she will never use, but nooo... too much to ask, apparently.

Posted via Android Central App

That's pretty meaningless without naming the carrier. You know, the one who decides which buttons to disable in their final config.

That's true most of the time, but for some carriers, the button is explicitly disabled. If you decompile the settings app on Verizon Samsung phones, there's a hardcoded list of bloatware (also ota updater) that cannot be disabled.

If you disable it, it still takes storage space though which I think is some people's concerns. But it will help with performance definitely if that app would be always running. One thing I enjoy about CyanogenMod is that I don't have to do this too much. With the new Hangouts v2.0 update I disabled Messaging, but normally I disable Browser (I use Chrome), Email (I use Gmail), Calendar (I use Google Calendar), and Apollo (I use Google Play Music).

This is great for anyone forced with bloatware from their carriers.

N0 option to disable VZNavigator on Note ll

Posted via Android Central App

Update : I found it Navigator is disabled! Now to get rid of the rest of the crap

You don't even know how awful vznavigator it even costs extra every month. And Google maps works so much better for FREE. I think Google is saying take that VZNavigator

Posted via Android Central App

No, I know exactly how awful it is, lol. Before Google Maps, I tried using it, and it was terrible.I kept getting lost, and it costs 10 per month! No thanks, lol. They can keep it.

1st thing I do is disable, Currents, Google magazines, books, video, currents used to be a battery drainer

Posted via Android Central App

And there we go now that didnt take long the repeatests are here saying the same things over and over and the point of that being? Are they are hoping to change millions upon millions of people's opinion on Samsung Products and touchwiz?

I think not, give it up repeating the same bs eg bloat, samoled ect ect is just making you look and sound like a bunch of fannies.

Posted via Android Central App

What are you talking about? Nobody is trying to convince anybody of anything. The people that choose Samsung products obviously don't care about the pre-installed apps.

You do realize that most of us are referring to carrier "bloatware," right?

People are allowed to express opinions that differ from yours.

Posted via Android Central App

I wonder who didn't know this? But thank u for telling everyone on how to do it.

Posted via Android Central App

Things that you can't disable usually have hooks into other apps or system processes that would be broken if they were disabled. TouchWiz (and Sense for that matter) is much more than a skin and is heavily integrated into the OS

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

Not really. I find it hard to believe these are essential and have any OS ties
-Mobile Hotspot (Verizon)
-NFL Mobile
-S Health
-Voicemail (Verizon)
-Voice Recorder

I didn't mention others since you may have a point on those but on Nexus 7 you can pretty much disable "everything" and it still works fine

They don't. I've ran GoldenEye on my S4. Its a touchwiz ROM on a diet. You don't need most of the apps to run.

Posted via Android Central App

When I saw this, I thought you were referring to the game Goldeneye, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

Blah blah blah with the bloat seriously must have nothing better to do than repeat the word bloat over and over on every thread. Wow youl be nominated for the noble peice prize shortly lol

To change the subject as its dull and boring- Amazon is still Charging £ 260 for the Nexus 4 and Just that little Extra £35 will get you the Nexus 5 hmm lol

Posted via Android Central App

You're hilarious lol

Does that Nexus 4 price reflect a handset being directly sold by Amazon? Considering that both the Nexus 5 and 4 are sold out, it's not surprising to see the price remain somewhat high.

Posted via Android Central App

Bloat.... Like Jerry said, there are more new people to Android everyday. The point of the article is to educate anyone who wants to know how to disable BLOAT. Pretty simple concept, and useful for folks who didn't/ don't yet know about it. You're missing the point.

Posted via Android Central App

Next to diabling unwanted apps via system settings/apps the only app that really can shut of apps from constantly restarting themselves or just shut down when not used anymore is as far as I know Greenify. Root is needed off course. It hibernates (greenifies) apps you listed automatcly after three minutes the screen is off. Greenified apps still can be used which is a big advantage over quarentining apps.

With the donate version and xposed installed you can also greenify system apps. You can let Greenify work faster without root. And put a shortcut on homescreen or dock which greenifies all running apps you listed at once.

Personally one of the main reasons for rooting my Android devices was this app. Much smoother Android and much better batterytime. I love it and such a thing or other better way app control should be build within Android standardly in my opinion

So, on my GS4, I disabled all the Samsung stuff and did the 'roll back to factory' thing, but I can't get the damned things to quit asking to update in Play. I want that to go away. Go away, go away...they're disabled so go away! So, what that tells me is that they're not really disabled. And before you all say it, I still love the phone. Just want the dead weight apps to stop.

Yeah, I disabled a dozen Google apps from Google+, to Hangouts, to Maps, to foreign-language keyboards (or whatever those things are), on my One GPe.
I don't like apps that have certain requirements, and I don't like apps without dark themes.

Posted from my HTC One GPe via Android Central App

But disabling them does not free up space....and I believe when a person buys something its there's and should have the freedom to do with it what they wish...

Posted via Android Central App

There is actually an extremely simple solution to this dilemma.
Step 1) Create your own Mobile OS
Step 2) Build your own phone
Step 3) Put your own mobile OS on your own phone.

Voila! A phone that is yours that you have the freedom to do with as you wish.

You need some cheese with all that whine? If you're going to post, at least try be contextually relevant....helping people who haven't seen this before is a good thing. Everyone is obviously entitled to his/her own opinion, and we all have them... some with those opinions just happen to be babies in tantrum mode....

Posted via Android Central App

True, and I would also like to be able to remove bloatware apps completely. This is a good second though... At least we don't have to look at the stuff we'll never use.

Posted via Android Central App

The only way to truly get rid of something is root and use Titanium Backup.

Posted via Android Central App

The only way to truly get rid of something is root and use Titanium Backup.

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There are a few solutions one being to root, the other is the comment made above although sarcasm was used lol the other is hmm is it really an issue?

With the speed of the Note 3 i am personally not experiancing any issue's with lag or any massive drain on my battery.

I have many apps ranging from social media, News Feeds, Audio Enhancenents, Media Streaming, Tech eg Cnet, Android Central, Engadget ect, Shopping apps eg Amazon, Ebay ect, Photo Editing software ect and Gaming.

Its quite simply in my experiance thus far not an issue in regards to performance.

A select few are obviously dead against touchwiz and the repeated bloat is mentioned like by saying it they are casting a curse upon my Note 3- update folks its not worked still extremly fast sorry to dissapoint.

So although this is an option to speed up your device and you want rid of any features yes there is the root option. However the perfomance of the Note 3 is so great that many just wont feel the need for this although the option is there.

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To be honest, we've reached a point where Android is no longer bogged down by bloatware (Samsung Apps, Carrier, or otherwise). However, that doesn't change the fact that some people get irritated, when they power on their phone and the first two pages of the app drawer are filled with Verizon-ware, lol. My first two Android phones were both Motorola's (Droid Pro, Droid 4). I can honestly tell you: those things were filled-to-the-brim with bloatware. And, yes, they did take a performance hit, at least partially, due to the amount of pre-installed applications.

Again, I have to ask: Why do you care if someone doesn't prefer TouchWiz? We all have our own preferences. For the longest time, NoNexus didn't prefer Nexus devices. They're still not his first choice, but we have to respect that a person likes what they like.

(I won't end this with "Just sayin," lol. I don't want to be called an idiot, again, lmao.)

Well, lets face it, no new phone is "bogged down", (what ever the hell that means).

But that doesn't mean you don't pay a price for bloatware.

Manufacturer or Carrier mandated apps take up internal space even if you don't use them. Especially if you can't disable them.

Go check your running tasks, then tap menu, and show the Cached Processes. The only reason they are cached is because they use to be running.

And in TWO YEARS, the ram requirements will be higher (App developers each think their APP is the most important reason you bought your phone, and applications all bulk up in size.) Your 1Gig of ram phone is obsolete. 2Gig is the norm. 3Gig is coming, because bloatware takes up more than one gig these days.

Now that new phone you thought was so fast can just barely run the apps you want, because the apps you don't want are still locked into system space, and you can't disable them without rooting.

Why can't we get a simple law passed that any phone sold with bloatware must allow it to uninstallable by the owner? Why is Facebook locked onto my phone? If I wanted it, I would know where to find it.

I completely agree.

"Bogged down" simply means slowed down, throttled, bottlenecked, etc. I mean that RAM isn't throttled, due to too many "system (bloatware)" processes running.

Posted via Android Central App

I can agree that if say i wanted S Fitness ect it should simply be an option either pre-installed on the phone but removable or just make it an option via Samsung apps or Google play. And a couple more that being honest yes i probably wont ever use and should be then upto the owner of said handset to simply remove. Therefore freeing up ram and space.

That said and yes its refferd to as bloatware it aint detracting from my enjoyment nor have i experianced lag or any other downside to overall useability and functionality of the Note 3.

Posted via Android Central App

Nobody is out to curse your Note 3, and it is not surprising that with Snapdragon 800 and being the only 3GB RAM Phone it is reasonably fast.

However most people prefer not have apps/features that do nothing for them(Still couldn't figure out why Golf mode is there clogging up Camera options), so that rather than buying with the phone and deal with those they steer clear of such devices. When such device is brought up, they express their opinion on it.

SAMOLED is a whole another matter, those that appreciate high brightness screen for readability in sunlight or color accuracy will never accept it unless Samsung overcome those deficiencies.

I am going to pick up on a couple of points AOSprevails.

1) reasonably fast? It just as fast as the G2, and the new Nexus being that it shares the same 800cpu running at the same speed 2.26ghz or round it off to 2.3ghz. That said with stock android and kitkat 4.4 and the changes made their will be that edge to the Nexus perhaps but with the extra ram on par for arguments sake. Lets just say Fast.

2) The Samoled now being that im all round completly happy with my Note 3 and all features wether i use them or Not. I am not going to day the screen is perfect but for me and my opinion its bright and vibriant and dam good quality.

3) I would never try to speak for the masses as i simply dont know, that said vast numbers if Samsung Smartphone sales would indicate happy customers or they woukdnt return knowing the screen is Amoled and its skin is touchwiz but i dont know the statistics on how long each person has kept their phone, returned it ect ect but im still guesing many very happy customers.

4) I enjoy logic and again alot in your post, I just value tech and have my chosen supplier of that at the moment, but im open minded in regards to other manufacurers.

5) overall a great debate now im content lol

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Haha Mercdroid i wasnt having a go by any means and finally a post from you that is logical and well written down side i dont have a nexus 5 as a prize lol

Im not saying all should support touchwiz nor am i saying it is without its flaws. The point being as i believe you wrote and i have mentioned its all down to personal prefference.

Like me i have a gripe with Apple not because im jumping on any bandwaggon or anyrhing its my personal belief that since the ousting of Jobs and the sad passing. Tim Cook the CEO is just filled by ego. Yes Apple is based on simplicity and ease of use but they were also known for inovation and stability.

So a message i am happy with my Note 3 and i do aporiciate a valid and constuctive and logical debate other than just to repeat the same shit like it has an effect on other peoples judgement or perception.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeh i enjoy a logical debate mercdroid i suppose i dont like repatition of pointless shit like bloat and to be written in a way like its meant to change perception as it wont for me as i like what i like and base things on my prefference and not others.

Although that said it is handy to get a review otherwise you may end up with regret so there are pros to joining a community and getting that opinion from others. That said you still even then have to balance the possitive and negative like i do.

Posted via Android Central App

Disable? Oh ya, you have to do that if your still living in the dark ages of non-rooted Android devices.

Posted via Android Central App

Not everyone knows how to root nor wants to go through the trouble of doing so.

Posted via Android Central App

Yup Mercdroid rooting is a proccess that requires a little bit of knowing what your doing and even then there are risks..

Posted via Android Central App

Good thing my Moto X has no bloatware, my HTC One X had some stupid crap from Telus (well as did most of my phones from Telus), if you root you can use Titanium Backup to freeze apps or to remove them but OTA updates or even carrier pushes usually reinstall those (at least they did on my Blackberries)

If you run 4.3 you can even disable which permissions which apps can use. It's a hidden feature but it's exposed in the Trickster Mod app. Might need root. Without root you can use the Privacy Blocker app and spoof the permissions thst apps ask for and recompile and sign the app. Install the new version and voila! This is just an extension of disabling apps. Why not go a step further and disable permissions?

Speaking of... I've been looking for a way to decompile apks and xml on my device for years. It can be done as Privacy Blocker app does this. I need to contact Matt (the developer)

Disable is not the same as remove. I believe 4.2 at the very least allowed anyone to disable their apps from using precious processor and battery life. Still good information to know for those not as attuned to diving into the guts of Android as some of us.

Am I the only one who clicked on the link, saw the page come up, and then had it go blank?

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Hie! I m using samsung s duos!I have rooted it,but now it have stop installing app!I noticed it while I was installing a New ROM on my device. while installing it constantly send a message that "Unfortunately app installer has stopped can anyone plz guide me?