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The official eBay app for Android has just hit version 2.0, bringing a major facelift to the online auction app. When launching the new app you're greeted with a prominent search bar and My eBay, Motors and Sell an item options at the top. The rest of the front page is filled with useful items like reminders, messages, saved searches and eBay deals. The latest offering dumps legacy Menu button support and adds an overflow settings button instead, which reveals Sign in / Sign out, My eBay and a refresh button. Search has suggested entries, voice input and even barcode scanning right from the search box. There are a few other changes behind the scenes as well:

  • Find cars, trucks, motorcycles as well as compatible parts and accessories with the mobile-optimized eBay Motors experience (US only, more countries coming soon)
  • Improved My eBay list access
  • Simplified navigation throughout the app
  • View bidding history on an item
  • Add up to 12 photos when listing an item with the app
  • Users in Italy and Spain can now list items with the app
  • Payment support for Malaysia and Singapore

You can get your hands on the latest version of the app at the Google Play Store link above, and we've included a few screenshots of the new UI after the break.

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Reader comments

eBay app hits version 2.0 with UI redesign


meh - I would much rather have a decent website - than an app.
What ? - should I install an app & other junk for each web forum, webshop, and website now ?

I like it, it's more "Android ICS" like instead of the horrid iPhone look they had before. Just wish they'd update the app icon.

Yeah great - except now I'm getting error message that say I have exceeded my call limits, and to call callapiaccessrules for more information ... which takes me to a developers page.

Oh and it won't connect - says no network found ... even though I can access the ebay website.

Way to screw up a good thing ...

WHEW I thought I was the only one experiencing problems. I got the same weird error message, then it would say Network Not Available, and now it won't even log in. Is there an alternative app?

Great……Updated and now I can’t log on (network error, yer right).
Why fix something that ain’t broke??????

Don't update the app, the new version has some serious bugs. Mine gets lots of "network not available" errors and gets stuck running in the background, keeping the OS awake.

The latest version has a bug in responding to questions from other ebay users. Tap the text box and it scrolls it up and of the top of the screen. Drag it back down, type a charachter and up it goes again. You have to type blind or just forget it and use a web browser to go to your my ebay page.

Lots of Android apps have this same problem. Dolphin HD had it for a long time and it still cannot align the left edge of a text box with the left edge of the screen when going to a new line. It's always just off to the left two or three charachters.

Is this an unfixed bug in Gingerbread or just a stupid error most app authors make? Do later versions of Android have this same auto scrolling issue? IMHO the best solution is just don't use auto scrolling. Leave the screen position where the user has placed it because the user knows better where he wants it than your app does!

I'm using an Epic 4G with Gingerbread and use the slide out keyboard most of the time. Contract is up May 2013. Hopefully Sprint will have a slider better than the Photon Q by then.