iOS 7, OS X 10.9 expected - follow the announcements live on iMore

Whatever your mobile OS of choice, new stuff from Apple is big news. And at today's WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) in San Francisco, Apple fans are expecting major new versions of the company's mobile and desktop operating systems -- iOS and OS X. On the mobile side, iOS is expected to undergo its biggest visual overhaul yet, with new, flatter, more minimalist UI from designer Jonathan Ive.

You'll want to head over to our sister site iMore for live keynote coverage, including analysis and commentary on the announcements as they happen. The action kicks off at 10 a.m. PDT -- that's 1 p.m. EDT, 5 p.m. GMT, 6 p.m. BST or 7 p.m. CEST. Apple will also be streaming video of the event to Mac computers, iOS devices and Apple TVs (sorry, Windows/Linux/Chrome OS users.)

In the meantime, hit the comments and share any predictions about which Android features might finally be gracing the iPhone and iPad today.

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mike340t says:

I am so happy for my friends with Iphones, for every two years they get to enjoy something that I enjoyed two years before them and being the nice fellow that I am I even let them feel special and pretend they had it first..

still1 says:

this years special 2 new sharing features Vimeo + Flickr /s

inertianinja says:

This 2008-vintage fanboyism is getting really tired.

mob1278 says:


mike340t says:

Fanboyism?.. Hardly.. I am not attached to Android at all. Actually hoping to have a better peek at that rumored 5 inch Blackberry!

Ratnok says:

2014: Blackberry is dead.

brendilon says:

Yes it's a bit tired, but let's be fair, what have you seen in expected changes to iOS that would be innovative? Every feature I've seen in articles has been catch-up stuff to Android.
I'd like to see Apple step up their game and push Android to innovate even further, but iOS has a lot of catchup to do first.

mike340t says:

Exactly! The last time they introduced anything innovative 2008.. It's always Apple trying to catch up since. Same old.. Same old. I love tech and love being wowed by it. That just isn't happening from Apple.

jaymars says:

I know, right? It's almost as tired as the use of the word 'fanboy.'

Anyway, he was dead on.

ScottColbert says:

Doesn't make it any less true. I mean really, touting auto update as a feature? C'mon.

cashxx says:

Useful features like dragging apps over another app to create folders and many others iOS had long before Android. Android just now caught up to Android with 4.2. Android has a few features that iOS doesn't, but most are not useful and are novelty. Sorry but the original non copied OS is still the king!

ScottJ says:

Shoo troll. Back to your cave. Biblo Baggins will soon arrive.

briankurtz79 says:

Useful features like making folders?! Are you serious?! That's the only feature iOS has on the desktop!!!! Android has had folders long before iOS. You just had to have a custom launcher. Now it's baked in.

still1 says:

i have a feeling that this is going to be just visual changes to iOS7 and announcement of iRdio. although, I am hoping to see some macbook hardware refresh

mob1278 says:

I hope they come out taking risks with feature changes, new hardware, new vision... I'm really excited, and for those who despise Apple, remember competition at this level got us the Android system we have today.....

XChrisX says:

Without the iPhone there would more than likely be no Android. Even in the earlier days of Android like donut, and Eclaire Eric Schmidt was still using a Blackberry becaus his own home grown mobile OS wasn't good enough. I have faith in Jony Ive that iOS 7 will be killer!

brendilon says:

Sorry, but you're pretty much completely wrong. Android was started by Andy Rubin in 2003 and was bought by Google in 2005. The first iPhone wasn't released until 2007, two years later.
Do you have a quote from Schmidt to back up your claim?

iOS 7 had better be killer, because the platform has been growing stagnant. Though I suspect that from the tone of your post, Apple could announce nothing but a visual refresh and you'd be praising the innovation.

XChrisX says:

Without going into the details of how Android was originally demoed on an HTC device with a physical keyboard. Here's a story from as recent as 2011 showing Eric Schmidt using a Blackberry. http://www.androidcentral.com/top-10-reasons-why-eric-schmidt-was-again-...

ScottJ says:

Wozniak uses an Android phone. So what? Rich guys can have as many phones as they want and don't have to decide on just one like the rest of us schlubs.

brendilon says:

Android still has devices which use physical QWERTYs, as does BB, as did the late, lamentable WebOS. Apple didn't invent the software keyboard, it's a pretty logical step in development.
Your claim that Android wouldn't exist without the iPhone is completely fallacious, since Android existed BEFORE the iPhone did (iOS development started a year after Android development started).

Real666 says:

Android development in 2003 was not for phones it was for smart cameras. Andy Rubin AND TWO OTHER DANGER Co members took existing Danger software (you know the OS that ran the T-Mobile sidekick) and began implementing that with Linux for a smart camera. Android as a phone was not looked at until the CEO of Google was also on the Board for Apple seen the first prototype for the iPhone. The first Android Prototype was slow and non intuitive. (Video on youtube for proof) Eric was locked out of the knowledge of the iPad thats why it took the android partnership 2 years to develop a tablet. As far as folders are concern and Both companied Android and Apple are taking ideas from jailbreak and Mod developers and baking them into their system. They are not copying from one other NOW. Unless they bought the program from the developers. But iOS was developed for the smart phone first. Eric rushed the phones development and thats why iOS 1 was much smother all the way up until jellybean ice-cream sandwich is still buggy.

ScottJ says:

Your tinfoil hat is a bit too tight.

Real666 says:

Really ....... That's the most intelligent thing you could come up with to respond? Wow! You're like a genius.

ScottJ says:

You have no idea.

Jon_Doh says:

Don't care to waste my time going back in time.

dakpluto says:

I expect the iOS 7 overhaul will be a bit more than just visual changes.

Retina MacBook Air...possibly.

Opening up AppleTV to developer apps, god I hope so.

New OS X, probably.

MacMini refresh, most likely.

TheDu9du says:

It was Sir Ive the guy in charge of iOS 7. Don't be putting your hopes up on that.

XChrisX says:

Sir Ive is a visionary on the level of Steve Jobs himself. I have high hopes for iOS 7.

brendilon says:

"on the level of Steve Jobs himself"
Yeah, visionary my backside. Steve Jobs own self-professed motto. "Good artists copy, great artists steal". Which he almost lived by. He just needed to amend it to "Good artists copy, great artists steal, Apple's 'artists' sue."

Batteries just aren't there yet to adequately power a retina screen in a MBA chassis (with the battery life we're used to in a MBA).

mayconvert says:

Hawsell mobile has a 50% battery life increase. Its there.

That isn't going to be enough to offset the power suck of that screen. Not by a long shot.

ExtremeNerd says:

Would actually like to see what "new" features they have to offer, but today is E3. Poor planning Apple. Half of your user base will be at another exhibition.

Have you seen the queues to get in? I think they're perfectly fine with having it this week :)

cashxx says:

Doubt that as the tickets sold out in about 2 minutes!

ScottJ says:


djstarion says:

Poor planning Apple? They've always had the WWDC keynote at this time every year. E3 is the one that always fluctuates.

LOL i thought this is android website its called android central and it is talking about apple how funny

Android Central is part of mobile nations. The other sections do this as well.

eahinrichsen says:

What Apple does is very important to Android and vice versa. Also, like Joe said, these site are all part of the same company, and they want their users to click through as many of the blogs as possible. It's good information and good business sense.

Ratnok says:

If folks here wanted Apple information, they would already know to go to iMore to begin with. And no, Apple information does not help me understand what's new with Android, how to better use my Android devices, or how to choose which devices and accessories fit my needs.

This information is NOT useful, it's IRRELEVANT, distracting, and can become annoying - much like product placement in a movie. I didn't go to see the Avengers to be pitched an Acura commercial.

If you irritate your users, that is not good business. Many fold left Phandroid.com for exactly this reason.

brendilon says:

It IS relevant. One of the first rules of business is to know what the competition is doing. What Apple does affects what Android does and vice versa.

It sure beats another article about how to find the Settings button in the Gmail update.

Ratnok says:

Since you say it is relevant, please explain to me how an apple posting tells me anything about how can get more out of Android or how I can greater experience the Android community.

"The first rule the business?" Do you work for Apple? Do you work for HTC? Do you work for Samsung? I'm not competing with Apple. I use Apple. But still, that has nothing to do with Android, and this is an Android site. What part of this is so hard to understand? There's a big button at the very top of the screen that says "imore. " If I want Apple news, then I already know where to go.

ScottColbert says:

So irrelevant you had to post.No one forced you to read the article. Grow up.

Ratnok says:

I'm really tired of coming to an Android site looking for Android news, and being forced to see articles about platforms I came here specifically to avoid. If I wanted Apple news, I'd go to an Apple site, or one of the many "neutral" sites out there like CNET or Verge.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an Android site that keeps it "about Android?" And please don't say Phandroid.com. They are even worse.

By the way, I own and use Apple products, before someone accuses me of being a "hater." I just get my Apple fix elsewhere. I'm here to satisfy my Android fix.

You realize that Android Central is part of Mobile Nations which often feature links to their other websites include WP and Blackberry, not just Apple. Plus what's wrong with keeping tabs on the competition? Maybe some neat features will be revealed today.

Ratnok says:

You realize there are hundreds of other sites where we can get that information, and people come here to get the best Android information available don't you? Unless there is a specific piece of Apple information that is directly related to Android, your point is moot.

droidhead_1 says:

Go to one of those site and shut your cake hole!

still1 says:

You are tired of seeing apple news on AC once in a blue moon??
they post these very rarely

Ratnok says:

I agree it is not that common here, to Android Central's credit. And I hope it stays that way.

All you have to do is keep scrolling past it. It's not that hard. What a childish rant.

ninjajmon says:

"The competition"?? Hardly...

XChrisX says:

So are you suggesting that iOS is so good that Android is hardly competition? ;-)

They could have a million Johnny Ives and they still wouldn't add up to the all #holo Matias Daurte...

XChrisX says:

A Matias Duarte UI with Jony Ives hardware would be EPIC!

mayconvert says:

it doesn't matter what Apple does today. Fanboys will just still talk about how fail apple is. or say that Apple copied that feature from android. even tho android has done plenty of "copying" of its own.
I get so sick of fanboys. Android, nor apple nor samsung is paying any one of you for representing their device.
Stop being fanboys and start appreciating tech for what it is. Tech.
Android people say "We want Choice" but in the Same breath they WANT BB, Apple and WP8 to all die and go away so there is NO CHOICE.

brendilon says:

Companies copying companies is to be expected. Hell, it's a good thing (no matter what Apple says when others copy their features).
What's annoying and gets folks riled up is copying a competitor and calling it an innovation. Or marketing Copy/Paste as a "feature". And then turning around and suing folks for "rounded corners". The iPhone is good tech, but Apple the company acts like a bunch of elitist d-bags who think they should be the only ones on the playground.

ScottJ says:

You nailed it.

I think it's great when Apple copies Android. It validates the rightness of their ideas and shows signs that Apple has attenuated the type of stubbornness that refuses to provide a second mouse button on Mac mice. If only they'd simply try to innovate their way out of the problem they are in instead of trying to sue their way out of it, we'd get off their back.

Real666 says:

Thank you Mayconvert. That's what I'm saying. I have both and they are unique.

mud314 says:

How are they the competition whey have fallen so FAR behind?

I switch between iPhone 5 and Galaxy Nexus since I am stuck on Verizon with few great Android options. Am interested to see what they do with iOS. Please give us widgets or the iOS version if them at least. The most frustrating thing about iOS is the need to launch an app to see the information. Doubtful this will happen. Figure I will switch back to GNex because I am missing the sweet new All Access Music. Supposed to come to iOS. Btw Google Now is pretty useful on iOS as well.

I just want a battery that last long enough to enjoy what I have.

Daedalus says:

I am sorry but I am a Mac user from long ago and anytime I see iOS 7 it just brings back memories for System 7 and how horrid it was!!!!

JobiWan144 says:

"Apple will also be streaming video of the event to Mac computers, iOS devices and Apple TVs (sorry, Windows/Linux/Chrome OS users.)"

Wow, way to miss out on the vast majority of people in the world. It's one thing to skip Linux/Chrome OS, but leaving Windows out, too? In fact, just stream it on Apple.com so everyone can watch you "change everything...again." Making this an exclusive to your own products means you may be less likely to attract new customers.

sprint4lyfe says:

If you click the link it says windows 7 with quicktime.

stvo says:

They really gotta step it up. Competition is necessary

rovex says:

I just don't care what apple does, so meh..

Chiggin4 says:

I've never one anything like this before... so maybe this time will be it! Anyways, I'm hoping that Apple shows off new technology that will actually be "magical" (seriously, I want to see magic!)

chowdog13 says:

How can you get any more minimalistic?

Pollster says:

Are they actually calling that font Roboto on iOS?

eahinrichsen says:

What I really want to see from Apple (not today, but at the next iPhone model announcement) is NFC. Once the iPhone has that, we'll start to see it at more POS locations, and Google Wallet will get a whole lot more useful.

Reciprocal says:

iOS 7 looks nice.

S_C_B says:

It really does look nice.