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Google has captured five of the top six spots in the mobile app space, and it isn't likely that they will be slowing down any time soon. That chart you see above is the number of unique (as in you only get counted once) users of the top 10 mobile apps on Android and iOS for the month of December 2012, and as you can see Google is just tearing it up. In fact, according to Comscore Google would have also grabbed the number one spot were it not for the maps fiasco in iOS 6.

That my friends, is a whole lot of eyeballs.

We created Android in response to our own experiences launching mobile apps. We wanted to make sure that there would always be an open platform available for carriers, OEMs, and developers to use to make their innovative ideas a reality. We wanted to make sure that there was no central point of failure, where one industry player could restrict or control the innovations of any other. The solution we chose was an open and open-source platform. -- Google

Google has consistently stated that one of Android's primary goals was to put the Internet, and their apps, into as many hands as possible. With upwards of 75-percent market share alone, and close to 95-percent when combined with the Google-friendly iOS, I think they've succeeded in a very big way.

But while you're cheering and bumping bro-fists over Google's triumph,  I'm thinking of all the great alternatives we'll never get to see because they can't gain a foothold against these kinds of numbers. I'm not talking about Bing, or other apps like it that we already know and find pretty useless, but I think we all can agree that somebody out there has an idea for a way to do things that's better than what we have now. I'm not necessarily knocking Google. I use all of their services and appreciate the hard work and innovation that brought them to me. I just don't want to miss something better. I hope they can find a way to show it to us in this one-sided landscape.

Source: Comscore


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For better or worse, Google owns the mobile app space


Those unknown apps will be found. If you have faith in sites like Android Central you have nothing to worry about.

I would love to see how Google+ is doing, the first week it launched it had 50 K users, I'd like to see how many use it now.

lol "one-sided landscape." because of those 5 apps? come on really. If a dev wanted to compete with those apps they would need a heck of a lot more then just an app idea.

Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Google search? Sorry but no one can compete with something that could not be beaten before they were apps. The play store? Well you kind of need to be a big player to compete with that.

So what would be these great alternatives you are thinking of be?

If only the Gmail app, Google search app, Youtube and Google maps app were not so popular I could innovate by making my own email client, my own search engine my own map database, and my own Video sharing network. so that I could create my own apps then make a better app store to then push my apps?

We all want innovation but please stop using the word/subject to "sensualize" your articles when nothing is stopping innovation here.

*edited to include Youtube*

You might need these

no one can compete with something that could not be beaten before they were apps

So you agree with my assessment that nobody is going to invest in a startup that competes with these services? Or are you saying that it's impossible for someone to create something better?

Good thing Google didn't think that way back in '99, isn't it?

I don't think they are thinking that way now. Cause we do have big competitors with Google. and nothing is stopping anyone from competing with those applications there is just a lot involved and there was a lot involved before they even hit the mobile "space". Where are they stopping people from Innovating? Just because google is awesome and they have great services does not mean they would stop someone from trying to do something better.

Amazon is a good example. You have both an app store and a MP3 store that directly compete with google. On the same platform.

I am kind of surprised that Apple does not put their Itunes (music only) on android. They could and Google would have to allow it.

Edited to apologize.
Sorry Jerry my first post was poking at you and I could have gone about that in a nicer way. Still though I think that last paragraph was stretching it a bit.

To be honest, you have to say that still Facebook rules for the time being.
It will be interesting to see if Maps takes over once everybody in the iphone world installs Google Mpas again.

Those five Google apps, are almost guaranteed to be visited by the same user, so Joe Sixpack gets counted 5 times, although only once in under app. Its not like you can add the numbers of those 5 apps together.

Oddly, you "just about" can't own an Android device without a Gmail account. Yet maps, play, and search out-ranks gmail. Very strange.

It is strange. I definitely use Play and Maps, but by far Gmail is my most essential app. Also I find it mandatory that you use a Gmail account on your Android phone for so many obvious reasons. But people hate starting a new email, I don't know why but so many people I know that started using Android phones were very opposed to making a new Gmail account for them.

People hate switching emails, and while yes you need a gmail account for android, many people set it up on their phone and never use it other than to login to google play. And it's very possible that that setup doesn't register as a hit, you don't actually access the website.

Also don't forget that unique visitors counts has never been an exact science, it's just counting unique ip addresses, but I for instance login to google services from my smartphone, from my home, from work and even the oddball wifi hotspot. All different IP addresses and addresses that themselves are dynamic and change.

I'm surprised to see that app up there. I remember using it on iPhone 3 years ago.
Basically it's a universal image search...

it's an odd list because of the inclusion of iTunes (an app that is on every iOS mobile device). That app doesn't serve ads or visit third party web sites, so what exactly is Comscore measuring?

In the meantime Apple stock fell 10 percent, and is under $500 per share in after hours trading. More blood in the streets tomorrow no doubt. So glad I sold my remaining shares around 700.

Usually startups with great ideas get nabbed and bought plus offered a job quickly by big time companies who need their talent such as Google and Apple. Who I feel sorry for is those without a great idea. They're forced to come up with one, where many fail.

While I don't know if it will succeed, BB10 actually looks a lot better than what I expected.
I have no love for blackberry, I never liked their devices, but I know their is a lot of ex and current BB lovers who miss their physical keyboards which Android gave up on, maybe they will carve out a small market for themselves.