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I admit, I'm an AppBrain fanboy.  Using a phone to dig and search through all the 68,000+ apps things in the Android Market is enough to drive anyone insane, so I don't do it unless I have to.  Today, using AppBrain just got better -- you can now install apps direct to your device, right from the AppBrain website.  Yes, just like the 'coming feature' from Google that Vic Gundutra demoed at Google I/O, without the wait.  And it works on all modern versions of Android (1.5 and higher).  Hit the break for a quick how-to and a video of it in action.

fast web install screen 3

Now comes the fun part.  Watch the video below, then hit the AppBrain site and start searching and installing applications the easy way!

Youtube link

First things first, you have to set up your phone to use AppBrain.  We have that covered in detail right HERE.  So get your phone set up and synchronized with AppBrain, then hurry back.

Got it?  Cool, now we're all on the same page. Next thing you'll want to do is get the AppBrain Fast Web install utility -- there's a link at the bottom of the post.  Get 'er installed and fire it up, and you'll see this:

fast web installer screen one

Hit the 'continue' button, and you'll be asked to authorize AppBrain through your Google account, just like you did when first installing the AppBrain client.  There's nothing to worry about here, your password never gets sent to the folks at AppBrain -- it's simply using an authorization token, just like Twitter or Facebook does.  It looks like this:

fast web install screen 2

Allow it, and you'll be all set up to install apps via the AppBrain website (Google -- just buy these guys already!), and the app will let you know as such.

Get AppBrain [Market link]

Get the Fast Web Installer [Market link]


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play3393 says:

I enjoy being the first person to comment on such a satisfying post by AndroidCentral.

I'm truly very very excited for this update!! It's a lead-in to Gingerbread's automatic music downloading.

It would be interesting to see some people share their AppBrain lists.


dwhitman says:

Given that an interested reader doesn't YET have this installed to be able to push apps to one's phone...could we get a little QR code love on the market link for the Fast Web install utility?

MOE-GUNZ says:

Awesome, still trying to find a Evo. However, I been checking out apps via appbrain and have my list all set up.

My list:

Dsmithjr says:

It looks like Appbrain is really gunning to be Google's next online purchase.

Davest says:

And the best part is that Google will be able to buy them right from their browser, instead of doing it over their Nexus One!

storm14k says:

I'm hoping Google has paid attention and scoops them up. It would be a huge come up to the market basically overnight.

QR codes will be there in a sec, and we've fixed the link

awperk says:

This is awesome and works flawlessly (so far)

my apps:

belogical says:

wow, just amazing!

JohnPA2006 says:

This is to Android, kind of like what NiNite is to the PC.
Stuff like this is why ANDROID KICKS BUTT !!!

smallpsych says:

Having a problem once I hit continue... I get an error message when I click allow on my Evo and it force closes... My Evo does this for other apps too that I've installed today. Please help?

Quizshow says:

Awesome! This is how I thought Appbrain worked in the first place. New reasons to love android even more every day.

hskrprd says:

I cannot get it to work. I have it enabled it requires me to sync every time. Emailed Dev not working on my Stock OTA 2.2 N1. I want it to very badly though

VDub2174 says:

This is what I'm talking about!! Kudos to AppBrain for coming up with this.

texagg01 says:

Is it supposed to install pretty soon after you click the Install button online? I've tried it a bunch of times, and it's not working for me. :(

Yes I have synced. And I have also already installed apps using the website/sync'ing method before.

Edited: I realized that when I click Install, I'm not getting the permissions window that Jerry is getting in the video demo. Anyone else having this problem, or have any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

texagg01 says:

Nevermind. I'm up and running now. Not sure what the deal was. I did notice that I had 2 lists in AppBrain (I exchanged my EVO out for a new one yesterday), so I deleted the old list and left the new. I also rebooted my phone. Now it works like a champ! This ROCKS!

jspidey says:

Glad to see it's working. I had issues to until I logged out and back in after installing the app on the phone. Might help someone in the near future.

stormed says:


I didn't believe it actually until I clicked install on appbrain and then to see an app automatically installing in the background on my phone....sick

vkelman says:

Works! Great functionality.

jspidey says:

Just tried it out. Works great! As my 2y/o niece would say "i so happy".

decyphersmc says:

Works great so far on my N1 2.2 FRF91 (Rogers). Also didn't even know about AppBrain, so this great.

It's kind of sad the current state of the official android marketplace website, but so glad I have this going now.

flacoff says:

Very interesting. Been using appbrain for awhile. This seems like a logical step. but I still want PHONE to chrome.

flacoff says:

Very interesting. Been using appbrain for awhile. This seems like a logical step. but I still want PHONE to chrome.

Delete me!

jmreed97 says:

Anyone use this with At&t? They lock down the ability to sideload apps, so I'm wondering if it works. I'd check myself but I haven't gotten my phone yet. I'm waiting for the Captivate.

Impulses says:

Does this have any impact on the ability to receive app update notifications from the market?

chefkeyser says:

Has anyone else noticed the page that's been popping up at ? I'm getting a page of Apple news...

TvTechGuru says:

After seeing Phil's video on this app I was excited so I looked at the walkthrough article and downloaded the app. Logged in on the website and attempted to "install" an app. Well it didn't work as advertised by Phil so I don't know what I did wrong but it doesn't seem like a user friendly app. And in the app on my phone it showed an update for an app that I don't even have installed on my phone call "Talk back"?

Anyway, this app wasn't what it appeared to be, maybe it's just me.

malibumac says:

I don't know about it being non user-friendly, but talkback is an app that would have downloaded if you got google translate, or maybe for other apps, but it I think that it is a being the scenes kind of thing.

budwizer says:

Seems that you have to have the account you use to install from Market with as the same account used on AppBrain. I use a Google Apps account as my primary account on my Droid however am unable to register that account on the AppBrian site and must use regular Google account. When I try to install nothing shows up on my phone?

Jack in NC says:

Any reason why you gave the Market link and not, you know, the AppBrain link? Just curious. ;-)