Google Reader for Android

Google has finally released a proper application for Google Reader -- a must for anyone who lives with RSS (like most of us bloggers do). For those of you new to RSS, it's a method of bringing websites to you, instead of you visiting the website.

The app itself is exactly what we've been looking for. There's proper syncing with Google Reader on the desktop side. The buttons are large and easy to press. Images all appear in-line, and plug-ins should work as well. Feeds and groups are sorted alphabetically at first, or you can change it to match the order on the desktop side.

You can "like" stories, share them through Google Reader or e-mail to someone, take notes, star -- everything you can do on the desktop version. We're more than a little over the moon about this one.

We've got a plethora of screen shots and download links after the break. Huzzah! Thanks, Bill!

Google Reader for AndroidGoogle Reader for Android

Google Reader for AndroidGoogle Reader for Android

Google Reader for AndroidGoogle Reader for Android

Google Reader for AndroidGoogle Reader for Android

Google Reader for AndroidGoogle Reader for Android

Google Reader for AndroidGoogle Reader for Android

Google Reader for AndroidGoogle Reader for Android

Google Reader for Android

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VDub2174 says:

Gonna try it out now.

russell5 says:

downloading now.

Cant wait thank you google :)

AaBoy says:

Finally I was waiting for this for a long time!

icebike says:

Me too.

I've been using the web version since it first came out, but this is going to be a welcome replacement if it works.

donatom3 says:

Oh it works, and it's great. Just imagine the functionality of the website, with the speed of a native app, and that's what this is.

optvader says:

I have been waiting for a good RSS reader for sometime. Now if Google could just give us a good task manager app I would be in heaven! Thanks for the credit on the tip AndroidCentral!!

MowDownJoe says:

*hands vader a flame shield*
You'll meed this for saying "Task Manager".

I personally like the Pulse reader. Best UI for a mobile reader I've seen this far.

CyberThreat says:

Dayamn you guys are fast. I just tipped this to you, by the time it said email sent, it was clear someone else already sent you the message and you had a full post with screenshots. Kudos.
At the time of your post, there were less than 50 market downloads for the app, no official announcement by Google, and 2 market reviews (1 was mine!).

Well played AndroidCentral

donatom3 says:

This is great. I'm not sure how or if it handles offline reading, but as far as useability goes it's exactly like the desktop version just made for my fingers.

pdubcramp says:

I never understood why Google Reader was any better/different than any twitter client out there...anyone?

donatom3 says:

In reader you can read the story directly that you're interested in. Google Reader uses the RSS feeds from the sites you like to get your news from. Twitter only gives you the stories the site you read from actually published via twitter. They are two completely different beasts in my opinion.

russell5 says:

i agree two really different mediums.

pdubcramp says:

I understand that, but I feel like for any major news site (wsj, cnn etc) or tech blog the rss feed and tweets almost completely overlap. Maybe I'm missing the boat though! Haha

donatom3 says:

Gizmodo probably only tweets about 1/8th of the stories they actually post a day. Plus twitter gives me a shortened link that I have to click on to take me to the story in my browser and I may or may not end up at an optimized for mobile website, whereas in Google Reader I get the story right there and it fits my screen already.

pdubcramp says:

Thanks, I'll give it a whirl

donatom3 says:

The key to a good Google Reader experience is taking the time to setup your feeds and organize them in folders. Oh here is the other big advantage I forgot about. Google Reader will sync what you have read on your computer or phone with the other device so you won't ever read the same story twice, unless you want to. Plus Google Reader is my main use for Google Buzz. Any story I share will be put on my Buzz account for all my friends on there to see too, but the app will also let you send the story link on twitter

Yeah, there's this site called that's like this. Their site is not optimized for mobile viewing and it doesn't even autodetect your client to send you to the mobile version of their site. Crazy.

icebike says:

Because its not twitter.

brodieduncan says:


belogical says:

great news!

TBolt says:

at last! Thank you, Google!

jeffreynew23 says:

Oh wow, is this goodbye to NewsRob??!!

cheuer says:

Doesn't sync pictures for offline reading, no configurable sync settings at all for that matter (how often will it check for new feeds?), no notifications, no swipe-to-read, no rich preview, no night mode, no widget for unread count. I think I'll be sticking with NewsRob.

jonnyl says:

Wow. Sounds like I'll be sticking with NewsRob as well.

Agreed. Just tried them side-by-side. Very happy with the full version of NewsRob.

TScottTC says:

This is an instant no-brainer download for me, as I'm sure it is for a lot of people

jdhas says:

And on the Seventh day, Google said "Let there be a Google Reader app" and all rejoiced.

macsmister says:

Android gets more and more compelling each day! Google Reader and Angry Birds Holidays Edition were 2 nice surprises today!

EDIT: OMG just tried the Google Reader app and I'm in love! This is what I had been waiting for all along! I now feel complete... Well close to complete. Football Manager is still nowhere to be found on Android... grrrrrr

johnatthebar says:

awesome. now, Google, please integrate listen so that we can make peace with the insane idea of merging listen subscriptions with reader.

when I see something in reader, I read it, when there is a new hour long podcast, I usually wait a bit. so either nix integration of the two or figure something out involving playing/caching podcasts thru the new reader app.

rnw5252 says:

Oh...this is nice. This is exactly what I've been waiting for.

Bye bye "Pulse" ... you were good but not THAT good.

fareal says:

I dunno... Pulse is pretty, great presentation. I just started using Pulse since it became free. I'm really liking it. Not sure if I'm going to switch back to Google Reader. I've already used the Google Reader in Pulse to pull in my favorite feeds.

rnw5252 says:

I will agree that Pulse was pretty. It was so slow on my Incredible, though.

Plus, I felt cross-eyed after staring at the black screen for ten minutes.

BrianFX says:

Where to begin.. "mark all as read" is hidden under the menu rather than a button at the bottom of stories, why? Doing a "mark all as read" just shows the list as read, it does not take you back to home (why??)

This requires more clicks to browse than even the simple androidweb/iphone version, and thus is a step backwards..

icebike says:

Mark as read does not take you back to home in the Web version either.
Its the same number of taps on the web version.

Mole Hill ---> Mountain.

BrianFX says:

No, in the web version, 'mark as read' is not hidden in the menu, it's right there at the bottom (where it logically should be), thus less taps.

gamalhussein says:

can anyone share the apk please??? i know its free but i cant find it in the market

They posted the code, use Googgle Goggles to get it.

gamalhussein says:

I didnt find it, anything else i can try??

jarobusa says:

The source code is available?

gamalhussein says:

what i get is " the requested item could not be found" ? so any body can share the apk

Duffin says:

Really? You can't use the 3D Barcode, AppBrain link or the Market link they put in the bottom of the post? :P

I've been waiting forever for this!

swiftsam says:

excellent. i'd just been using a shortcut to the mobile web version because nothing else synced well enough with google reader in my experience. This is much better.

Feature request: homescreen icon that shows the number of unread items

EvanGMan says:

Love this app, but Google, when are you going to put the "Move to SD" option ON YOUR OWN APPS? This is much larger than the gReader app. Also I agree with the Listen/Reader merge idea.

Thanks. I'll give this a try, but I'm really waiting for Feedly for Android.

milrtime83 says:

A little off topic, but I find it interesting that in a search for "google reader" in the market the official app that happens to be titled "google reader" shows up 28 places from the top.

nedqadams says:

Needs some work and it'd be nice if they listed an unread count on the icon.

milrtime83 says:

I've only played with it for a bit, but I don't see how it adds anything above what you can do on the mobile website.

I also don't see how to add a comment to a shared article.

mswashu says:

Getting mine, thanks!

cmunic8r99 says:

no support for Google Apps accounts = fail

jmg_EVO21 says:

I have used google reader on my Treo 680.
Installed and will be addicted to this.

bigrey81 says:

Not working for me its stuck on add Google account

bigrey81 says:

Yeah I am on the Google reader account and nothing

Doesn't play audio mp3s for me.

Magellan says:

This isn't even nearly as good as Newsrob, why all of the excitement?

SeattleBrad says:

I was stuck too until I realized that you have to click on your account/email address, after you click on the double arrow to sync.

Terrible UI. Should tell you to click on the account name.

crashvoodoo says:

It's version 0.8 ... I'm sure there are going to be a lot of updates shortly, unless it's like listen where they seem to forget about it.

This is excellent news! Thanks for letting us know!

ruhismile says:

i cannot download it from market : i am in Kuwait, can anyone give me a apk file please thank you in advance

TechFreakUK says:

So between this, Slidescreen and Pulse what RSS Reader do I go for?

gReader Ui is still way better than this. But I have to thank Google for the effort.