Quick App: ADB Wireless

For root users only! If you want to do some of the lower-level stuff with your Android phone, you're going to need ADB, which stands for Android Debug Bridge -- basically a way of connecting your phone to your computer. But what if you don't have your USB cable with you? What if you're phone is right next to your computer, but your nearest USB cable is in your bedroom, and you're too lazy to walk in there and grab it (or your son is asleep right next to it and you don't want to wake him up)?

The solution is ADB Wireless. With this app, if your phone and your computer are on the same network, it's a cinch to use ADB. All you have to do is open a command line on your computer and use "adb connect <IP Address>:5555 and you're connected to your phone via ADB just as if you were using your coveted USB cable.

Of course, you still need ADB on your computer, which usually means having the Android SDK installed. Hit the break for another screen shot, plus download links.

ADB Wireless lets you control your rooted phone from the command prompt without your USB cable


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Android Quick App: ADB Wireless


I've been using this app for a couple weeks now. This is an absolute must have app for root users. This app is one of the best apps in the market no doubt about it.

Very cool. I've been waiting for something like this because I don't always like plugging my phone in when it doesn't need to charge.

Now if only there was a way to copy files to/from the SD card over the network then I'd never need to plug my phone into my computer again. I used to be able to do this through SSH on my iPhone but it seems like all the SSH programs in the market are for browsing other computers instead of letting your computer browse what's on your phone. Anybody have any recommendations?

You can do that here, but not in the same way as with the iPhone and WinSCP. Just have to be comfortable with the command line and adb. Maybe someone else can speak up with the answer to what you want to do.

If you have the SDK installed, can't you adb push files to the SD card? For example, if you've installed this adbwireless, and connected it to the computer, seems like you'd be able to run this from your PC's command prompt:

adb push file.zip /sdcard/file.zip

That's assuming you had a file named file.zip in the SDK tools folder.

having problems connecting via my mac terminal using wireless adb could anyone point me in the write direction wether it be a forum link or just straight up directions

If your phone is "rooted", you can wirelessly install Android apps from PC to your phone using Youwave Android software. With an ADB server running on your phone, such as the free app "ADBWireless", and a WiFi connection, installation can be done in a few clicks of your mouse. You just need to first start adb server (such as the app ADBWireless) on your phone and get the IP address and port number. And then on YouWave, you right-click the app icon that you want to install, and click "send to phone". YouWave software will ask you to enter once the phone's ip address and port number and then wirelessly install the app onto your phone in a few seconds.

Exactly what I was looking for!
Sorry but where is the download link for this app?
Saw hit break button and I do not know what that is?
Could someone help?

Well Think I got it connected-I downloaded. I did download easyadb.exe instead of SDK. I am trying to figure out how to get google apps amd market on my Nook.
Am I supposed to install Android SDK as well and follow the install application? Without installing the drivers?
Are there instructions to follow to get the apps on my Nook after wireless connection? Thanks

Seen that this post is pretty old but if anyone is having problems I wrote myself a guide. so here it is and have fun installing apps!
install adb wirless on your nook tablet, you can do this from the android market or online to your nook via usb cord

if you have sdk installed already then you're fine and ready to go. if you don't, install it from here and follow the steps that you need to.


make sure you know where you adb application is
(type everything without quotes, i'm just using them so you can fill in the blanks with what your info)

1.type cd/ "your location of you adb app", press enter
1b.make sure your adb wireless is on your nook tablet, you'll know it is on by the line it will give, adb connect "whatever numbers are shown" and when the big green button turns red.

2.after your location is shown on cmd type in "adb connect "whatever numbers are shown". it should say "connected to whatever numbers are shown"

3.now you can install your apk file but make sure it is in the same folder as your adb app. here is what you will type to get it to install, "adb install "file name".apk, press enter and watch the magic

if you did it right, you'll see Success after the .apk installes

now just for double checks, check your nook tablet in your apps menu and see if it was installed.

here a link to a website to show you more commands that you can use to do other things with. i haven't tried them but most likely they'll work


When I ran this application on my Droid Bionic I got an error:
"Not Root! Ops! Sorry, but your kernel does not have all necessary features for running this application, you need rooted phone."
This is absurd, since my phone is in fact rooted. Can somebody help me with this issue?

Thank you,