Charge Android apps to AT&T bill

Google just announced that AT&T customers with Android phones can now charge apps to their AT&T bills. (That's something T-Mobile customers have been able to do for a while now.) So if you have an Android smartphone on AT&T, you'll soon have an updated Market app that lets you charge apps to your bill. Huzzah.

Also, Google mentions that new app categories are live, including "Media and Video," "Music and Audio," "Business" and "Sports," among others. Look for the AT&T billing and new categories with your updated version of the Android Market app. [Google]


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Market gets new app categories, AT&T users can charge apps to bills


Will there be limitation for parents to put on phones for their kid that way they don't get charged hundreds of dollars a month because their kid wanted to try out an app and went past the 15 minute return mark

That's an SEP.

(Somebody Else's Problem).

If the parent couldn't trust a kid to not run up the bill they would have bought the kid a Trac phone instead of an android.

Ah HAH.....

So THATS why the market app fires up 3G every time I use it.
It never used to do that when I was on wifi.

i dont want this on verizon, unless there is a way to disable it. i have three teens with droids and like it that they need me to buy something. i bet att wont let you disable it.

Lmao... I hate that to bill idea. This is the old model of doing apps. The last thing I want are random charges on my bill.

I'll keep using my "debit" card.

But I cannot side-load apps yet , question say the Nexus S comes for AT&T if I put my SIM card in it will I get to pay for apps with though my AT&T account.
As for on I like carrer billing because that is one less bill to get, and one less account to manage.

*sighs* I'm waiting for the day for a headline like Market adds search filters better sub category searches" Until then I will continue to loath the market and the page after page after page after page after page after page after page I have to go through to find the app I had before I installed a new ROM. For a product from a search company the market truly is sucktacular.

Why are poeple surprissed about the taxes.being added, I have been paying them since froyo update for my Evo. I like the idea of billing my Sprint account,but the whole 15mins BS is crazy. I installed to gameloft games that needed to download extra data which you can't download on 4g because gameloft don't know what there doing so I had to use 3g for a 175mb download. Took me about20 mins so if I didn't like the game I would still be stuck with it, I'm referring to games on the market or Apps that could waste the 15mins get everything ready then your stuck with it.

If you are on AT&T and have an Android phone, it's either an Aria or a Samsung Captivate, unless you lucked up and either got a Flipout or that other Motorola Android phone that sucks. I dumped AT&T, so I won't be paying any state tax for my apps.

Now has MEDICAL category! Will be very nice not to have to sort through sex apps in "Health" section.

Anyone else having issues seeing these changes show up? I'm running a custom ROM (auxura 2.5) on my captivate and its not giving me the option to bill to AT&T or any of the
new categories. Any ideas???