While announcing that Andy Rubin was leaving the Google Android team, Google CEO Larry Page also dropped another big bombshell -- there are now over 750,000,000 installs of Android devices.

Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world: we have a global partnership of over 60 manufacturers; more than 750 million devices have been activated globally; and 25 billion apps have now been downloaded from Google Play. 

That's 750,000,000 official installs, which isn't counting spin-offs like the Kindle series, knockoff craplets, or phones that aren't running any of the Google apps or services. Three quarters of a Billion bona fide devices have the little green robot we all know and love inside them. And they've downloaded 25,000,000,000 apps. 

We fully expect this number to climb. Who knows how many devices will be running Android this time next year.

Source: Google


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Android installs hit 750,000,000 milestone


Hmm, much longer til Android reaches
1bln??? End of this year?. . .
1qtr next year?,...Can't be all that much
longer. The S4 & Note III combined will be
close to 100m.

Yes, in his $5 million lot, overlooking the ocean, in his 24k, diamond encrusted coffin, while his family stays in a luxury home with everything they need for the rest of theirs lives is provided for. He must be pissed.

WWOOOOOAAAHHHOLY HELL! lol I'm damn proud of android. N while I'm indifferent about Andy leaving, he picked a good time. Very impressive.

But how many of those devices are still running?

I'm still using my Nexus One for MP3s when I walk, even though I've got a One S as my phone. I'm still using my original Tab, but my Xoom's battery is dead.