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Updates are always good, and this one is filled with some of the things you've been asking for

Our awesome Android Central app just got .1 more awesomer, as we've pushed out an update that addresses some of the things you've been asking for. With version 1.1, you've got a sexy new scrollable widget (which is also resizable and will work with your lock screen if you're running Android 4.2.2) that puts the latest Android news right on your home screen, keeping you up to date. (It currently refreshes every half-hour -- we're looking at making that more frequent in a future update.)

Normally, that in and of itself would be enough to make a new release, but that's not how we roll here. In addition, you've got landscape support throughout the entire app, including the settings panel tucked on the left side. That same side menu now works on all screens, too. 

One last thing -- when we write a story that includes a link to Google Play, you'll now have a shiny Google Play Store icon in the Action Bar across the top of the app. Tap it, and you can open the link to the app directly in Google Play using Android's powerful intents system. 

We think you'll enjoy this latest version, and we're already hard at work on the next -- using your feedback as a guideline. Update your copy of the Android Central app through Google Play, or you can just tap the link above to check it out. You'll also find a handful of screenshots after the break.

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mindflux says:


yubeie says:

Great!... Live this website and the team!!

Blittzo says:

Yes! Landscape support for tablets. I am typing on my nexus 10 right now.

wcdove24 says:

One of the best apps on Android! It's a pleasure using the app and getting rational Android news.

Doesn't want to resize even though I adjusted it. Is there a trick to it?

On HTC ONE this appears wonky. Anybody else having issues?

carraser891 says:

such a great app nice job guys

atown says:

Absolutely love this app! Great job guys!

Forum still does mark threads as read or indicate time/author of last comment.

Everything else looks great, but makes the forum portion un-useable.

One update at a time. It's on our list. Thanks for your patience. :)

OK! Just making sure you guy's don't foget! Does look nice and is very smooth here.

Marc11218 says:

Background Notifications please.. Make it happen Phil.


tada1096 says:

Dif size widgets would be nice. I still live the old 4x1 widget.

LOVE the widget! Had no problem resizing it. Only tweak I'd suggest is pull down refresh on the widget.

scouser73 says:

Fantastic update on the app, one thing which is slightly annoying is when I go to sign in, landscape mode doesn't work. Loving the app though.

Yeah, that's still clunky. High on my list of things I'd like to see improved.

stvo says:

Great app guys

G_The_One says:

So so loving the app guys. I think I might even have a crush on it!

nickg#AC says:

Great app slowly getting better! I like!

Mayoo614 says:

My heroes! And what a good timing! Just in time for I/O. I love you guys.

I have a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. In both my devices the app doesn't show in landscape mode. Do i have a setting for that?

Edit: sorry, my mistake, i didn't uninstalled the previous version.

Aaron Watson says:

Fantastic. Keep it up!

bez54 says:

Great stuff. Table support. Nice on the nexus 7. Thank you.

Does this work on Gingerbread yet? I know that I'm stuck in the past, but I don't have a carrier upgrade yet and I'm a broke student. As you have reported, about 40% of users are still on Gingerbread. Please let us use your app.

deadlock4400 says:

@Jerry Hildenbrand

Thanks for the post.

Very cool works from androidcentral.

Thanks in Advance

jason821 says:

This app is awesome!! Great work. Now I can spend less time working and more time dickin around on Android Central!!

Looks great guys, keep it up!

Jay Holm says:

How about forum notifications??? Any other website sends emails of forum replies, I shouldn't need a paid app like Tapatalk for itbto work, it should work within the website & app.

We are working on a brand new notification system for articles, comments, and forums. Should roll out within the next few months.

Jay Holm says:

Months? Well, glad it's being worked on. I'll participate in the forums a whole lot more once a notifications system is finally active. Notifications is definitely something loooooong coming.

For now, you can change your options in the forums control panel to receive an email when various events occur in the forums.

hbar98 says:

Nice update! Between this, new Google play store, and SwiftKey sale, this is turning out to be a great day!

k425 says:

Sorry dup post.

mctl says:

It says in the app description :

★ The Alex Dobie Accent Emulator: Now you, too, can sound like a sexy British beast.
★ Jerry's Beard Status: Is it happy? Is it sad? Is it shining in all its glorious splendor? Keep up with Jerry's Beard with push notifications.

Can someone tell me where are those? :-)

Big Wiz says:

Great App, now I'll always have the latest new from Central.

k425 says:

Android Central and Developer Team... Congratulations on a very nice job on the app!

Can I suggest that Resizable Fonts or Pinch to Zoom with Text Reflow (see the Phandroid App) and Dark Theme or better yet Black Theme to Forums be added?!

Thanks, K425

Mr_Twist says:

Well done guys good work

Trixz_D says:

Just updated it now on my N7 really good work guys :-)

Very impressive work guys. This is a wonderful app!

griff7774 says:

Keep it coming!

ishore says:

I just looked again, and guess what, My Note2 still has 4.1.2, so no landscape mode for me. Do I need to give this phone up for the S4?

Landscape works fine on 4.1.2.

You guys make a great app even it

Mychaiel says:

This App just keeps getting better and better, Great work!... Definitely lQQking forward to some themes, especially Holo style!
*hint hint*
= )

viriato says: Android News app.Better and better,with widget just great! Congrat.

Rehzonance says:

The widget not working properly... It won't refresh automatically nor manually

MrHost says:

I'm sure your aware but uploading pics isn't available yet. When it is will it be directly through site or some alternative site via the app?

I had issues posting pics to contest through tap a talk but I could post fine in RAZR maxx thread with no issues.

Keep up the good work!

erda0 says:

Great by please add a push notifications!!