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App updates

Installing applications from the market is one thing, but keeping them up to date with the most current  version is a whole other piece. Most developers are constantly working behind the scenes to improve their applications, and every so often they drop a new version for us all in the Android market, and installing them is quite important. We are lucky enough to have the ability to have our applications auto update in the market now, but not everyone is a fan of that. Personally I like to read the change log and see what exactly has been improved, or if the developer has any notes regarding the update. For me, I update manually, and here is how.

  1. Launch the Android market
  2. Press menu, then select my apps
  3. Next to each app requiring an update it will say "update" in orange or green (depending on if you have the new market)
  4. Tap the app, then click update (if there are multiple apps requiring update the top will have an "update all" button

See, keeping your applications up to date is quite simple, and something you should try to do often. There is no need to check the market every hour, but once a day or so should be sufficient to keep yourself all caught up and all your applications performing at their maximum potential.

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Android 101 - How to update your apps


If you are going to teach people how to update apps why not tell them to click Update All? Or teach them to auto update... if they don't know how to update an app they most likely don't care what the change log says.

they should post something about how my Droid 1 and Droid Incredible have way better screens than a brand new Droid 3 or Droid X2 (any motorola phone with pentile screen)

Uhh any thoughts as to why I only have 8 apps listed since I got the new market compared to the 30+ I have on my phone?

hehe It's called Bloatware, and your carrier probably added that stuff and it's all on the /system partition and requires root to remove.

Hey tater, I was wondering the same damn thing. Where are all my apps. To update my apps, I've been uninstalling the updates to the market, but the new market always pushes itself right back on again! If anyone has a fix, please advise...

Although I understand we're all Alpha-geeks here, and I've made similar comments in the past about these posts, I do see a point to them: as Android devices get more and more popular (and they WILL!), people are going to be looking for answers. You and I both know that the Android environment doesn't hold your hand like the iBlah environment does. So, when people "go Googling" for answers (and they will hopefully know enough to do that), they will find them here, be grateful, and may just stick around long enough to see what else this site has to offer.

But, maybe if they weren't being presented as "news stories"...

Well, to be honest, there are two things that annoy me with the new market - of which the first one seems to be a bug or something:

1. Sometimes when there is an update for a single app and I click on that app, it doesn't show me that there is an update for that certain app anymore. If I wait like an hour or something and then click on it again, there is an update button.

2. You can't turn off market notifications. I heard it saves a little bit of battery if you don't let the market look automatically for updates. I checked that always manually.

i agree, i've had the knew market since early July and it has done the update thing to me weeekly. That's the only thing i don't like about it

Did you both manually update to the new Market, or have it pushed to your phone automatically? I remember hearing about the "no update button for a single app" bug when that Market leak first came out, but nothing about it from the people who got the Market pushed to their phones OTA (myself being one of them).

I tried by downloading it but like tatersalad said earlier, it doesn't show all of the apps that are in the phone and NO I don't mean the bloatware apps but rather the other apps that we've downloaded. It seems as if it only show the apps that are paid. So it's a bit annoying.

how about a 201 level tips course, and then something even fancier like 301 for hacking or rooting tips (with lots of big scary words and intimidating disclaimers and warnings to discourage the courageous but technologically inept from bricking their phones) ?

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央行:3月25日上调存款准备金率0.5个百分点至15.50%(图表)[发布日期:2008-3-18]为落实从紧的货币政策要求,继续加强银行体系流动性管理,引导货币信贷合理增长,中国人民银行决定从2008年3月25日起,上调存款类金融机构人民币存款准备金率0.5个百分点。       中国人民银行决议从2008年3月25日起,上调存款类金融机构人民币存款准备金率0.5个百分点。以下为央行调整存款准备金率的详细情形:  中新社北京三月十八日电(记者 魏�)中国央行十八日终于再度出台从紧货币政策,宣布自二00八年三月二十五日起,上调存款类金融机构人民币存款准备金率零点五个百分点。   届时,存款类金融机构将执行百分之十五点五的存款准备金率。这也是自一九八五年央行将法定存款准备金率同一调整为百分之十以来最高的。   这是中国央行今年内第二次上调存款准备金率,预计将解冻资金逾两千亿元国民币。   央行十八日表示,此次上调是为“为落实从紧的货币政策要求,继续加强银行体制流动性管理,引导货币信贷合理增长”。   中国颁布的仲春份居民花费指数CPI上涨幅度为百分之八点七,迫于高企的CPI压力,中国出台新的货币紧缩政策也在预感之中。央行行长周小川几天前也公开表态:加息和上调存款准备金率都还有空间。   美国将于今天探讨是否继续减息,美国近期连续减息以及人民币对美元的不断升值,使得中国加息的空间进一步缩小。由于中美不断加大的利差可能吸引更多国际资金流入中国,从而与压缩初衷相违反。信任这也是中国取舍上调存款准备金率而不是加息的起因之一。   有业内人士预期,中国在未来多少月内可能持续出台货币紧缩政策。此次上调,不过是个“先手”。   不外,央行在此前出台的中国货币政策履行报告中曾公然表示,“以上对冲流动性及加强信贷调控等办法并不能从基本上解决流动性一直天生和经济的构造性问题,而重要是为经济增长跟结构调剂发明安稳的货币金融环境”。 存款准备金率再度上调释放哪些信号   新华网北京3月18日电(记者王宇 王文帅)中国人民银行于18日晚间宣布,将从3月25日起,上调存款类金融机构人民币存款准备金率0.5个百分点。这是央行今年以来第2次应用这一货币政策工具。     专家指出,在十一届全国人大一次会议落幕当天发布上调筹备金率,体现了政府克制流动性多余、领导信贷公道增加的信心,开释了持续实行从紧货泉政策的信号。     依然面临流动性过剩压力     央行表示,这一举动是为落实从紧的货币政策请求,继承增强银行系统流动性治理,引诱货币信贷合理增长。     “这次准备金率上调属预料之中,是决议层应对物价上涨和流动性过剩压力的必定抉择。”中国银行金融专家谭雅玲接受新华社记者采访时说。     最新数据显示,今年前两个月,中国城镇固定资产投资8121亿元,同比增长24.3%。2月末狭义货币供给量(M2)余额为42.10万亿元,同比增长17.48%,比上月末低1.46个百分点;2月份贷款增幅有所降落,人民币贷款同比少增1704亿元。     剖析人士以为,2月份信贷和投资的平和增长主要是受节假日因素的影响,跟着今后抗灾救灾和灾后重建工作的发展,未来相干数据上行压力还会很大。     “在这一局势下,央行宣告上调存款预备金率是为了应答将来投资或将呈现反弹。这反应了央行对当前流动性过剩局面的断定。”中国社科院研讨员殷剑锋说。     从紧货币政策未变     “固然美国等国度正通过连续降息和向市场注资等方法致力于增添流动性,但寰球以及中国流动性过剩的格式并不产生根本转变,这也是中国货币政策为什么会继续采用从紧手腕的原因。”谭雅玲说。     国务院总理温家宝在5日向十一届全国人大一次会议所作的政府工作呈文中指出,当前物价上涨、通货膨胀压力加大,是宽大大众最为关注的问题。今年的经济工作要把“防过热、防通胀”作为宏观调控的重要义务。讲演明白表现,今年要履行从紧的货币政策。     央行行长周小川两会期间在接收媒体采访时也指出,只管目前世界经济彼此影响日益严密,但中美经济局势仍然存在着差距,央即将会依据本国实际实施货币政策。     在2月份春节长假之后的五周内,Necklace manufacturers,央行虽始终未动用存款准备金率上协调加息两大货币政策工具,但已连续屡次通过发行央行票据等公开市场操作,累积回笼资金超过万亿元,资金回笼力度为历史所常见。     政策累积效应正逐渐浮现     专家指出,此次上调存款准备金率0.5个百分点,可回收流动性大概2100亿元人民币,Pants warehouse。此次调整后,一般存款类金融机构将执行15.5%的存款准备金率尺度,再创历史新高,其累积后果对金融机构将进一步发生深远影响。     “随着政策的连续出台,从去年起,我国一些中小金融机构已感触到流动性紧缩的压力,存款准备金率上调的累积效应正逐步显现。”殷剑锋说。     银行业人士认为,大中贸易银行充裕资金充分,多次上调存款准备金率,可能会使高速增长的银行事迹在明年增速放缓,但相对不会导致负增长。同时,银行旁边业务的增长空间将会越来越大。     央行日前宣布的货币政策执行报告指出,中心经济工作会议断定2008年实行从紧的货币政策,明确地向社会释放了未来宏观经济稳固运行危险加大的警示信号和总量政策导向,这将有利于引导和调节各类经济主体的预期和行动。

  另据新闻人士称,因为飞机保险受到了重大要挟,sale swarovski rings,波音747的领有者正在斟酌是否对维也纳机场提起法律诉讼。



  (起源:中国日报网 柳洪杰)




  一名希思罗机场警察在接收采访时说:“波音747的飞行高度个别为3.7万英尺(约合1.13万米),swarovski earrings outlet online,但由于当天欧洲上空有雷电风暴,那架波音747的飞行高度偏低,再加上飞行时光并不是太长,所以那名罗马尼亚男子荣幸地活了下来。扣押将近20个小时,已经算是对他免费搭乘飞机行动的处分了。”



  前晚,徐闻县公安巡警二中队民警6人分辨驾驶3辆摩托车在街长进行就衣巡逻伏击时,凭着多年打“两抢”的丰盛教训,领现两名男青年驾驶一辆摩托车在街上转悠,形迹可疑,于是机密跟踪。一路上,两名犯罪嫌疑人驾车忽钝忽缓,到处观望觅找目的乘机息案。晚上11时许,两名犯罪嫌疑人驾车到县城东平二路时,忽然抢走一名父事主的钱包后敏捷潜逃,跟踪民警火快骑车追捕,在追至德新一路广东倒退银走门心路段时,他们前后夹击将犯罪嫌疑人驾驶的摩托车逼停,然而,两名犯罪嫌疑人下车后持刀挥动乱砍,ncaa baseball jerseys,欲逃出包抄圈,民警即时表亮身份喝令其抬下凶器,但两名犯罪嫌疑人持续持刀治砍,民警在人身保险蒙到要挟的情形下向地鸣枪警告无效后,果断开枪击中其中一名犯罪嫌疑人左腿部,并将这两名犯罪嫌疑人应场造服抓获。经查,中枪的犯罪嫌疑人名叫林×碧,其共伙名鸣谭×杰,两人均系徐闻县龙塘镇人。

  羊乡晚报湛江讯 记者袁增伟、通信员李敬齐报讲:前晚11时许,徐闻县公安巡警二中队官警在街上即衣巡逻时发明两名现言抢劫犯罪嫌疑人,在实行抓捉时犯罪嫌疑人持刀拒逮,民警叫枪忠告无效后武断启枪击伤其中一人,soccer uniform shirts,并将两名犯罪嫌信人该场抓获。


To buy honey is to buy a product that is healthy and truly good for you right? Not necessarily. Honey is the worlds oldest super food. Many people believe that if they go to their local store and buy honey off the shelf they are getting the full nutritional value. This unfortunately is untrue. Before you buy honey you need to know these five things.




贫贱夫妻百事哀,这话确定是有情理的。钱,肯定是不少贫贱小情侣面临的最大阻碍。郎有情妾有意,人手到位了,心态也少先队似的时刻筹备着了,两人爱得难舍难分,巴不得立即搭个小窝生儿育女了,可这小窝哪里找呢?说白了就是房子,再说白了就是钱。没钱就没房,就算租也得要钱吧?都说婚姻是爱情的坟墓,没有屋子你连宅兆都进不去!那就逝世无葬身之地了!女人所谓的保险感归属感,Brooches clearance lots,在恋爱的时候是一个牢靠的肩膀温暖的怀抱,可一到结婚女人就立马由浪漫主义改旗更张为事实主义,曾经多么暖和如许宽厚的怀抱现在都不如钢筋水泥的几分地切实。





结婚嘛,俩人搭伙过日子,原来多简单一事,硬让我们弄得比制作航天飞机还罗嗦。追其起因,我觉得是我们对结婚的目标不纯洁了,总想通过婚姻得到一些其余的附加价值。例如房子、车子、还有将来的好日子,beaded jewelry necklaces。当你想通过一张纸来得到一辈子的东西,是有点难。









80后的我们,按理说现在也老大不小了,搁在解放前这个年事孩子都满地跑了。看着身边也有不少同龄人结婚生子了,可大局部还都迟疑着,恩,一提结婚就抽搐!为什么我们还死皮赖脸的拽着青春的尾巴不结婚呢?让我好好想想。  我想,首先,心态问题。 在以前,结婚基本就不是个事儿,一到岁数找个差未几的就办了,那时候大家都一穷二白,罗唆利索,也没人在乎爱多爱少的。可现在这人类进化得越来越把自己当回事儿了,什么人品、家世、长相、工作、学历、前程、甚至业余喜好没有一样不琢磨的,重复研讨,深刻探讨,细心对照,辗转反侧……眼看着就把简单问题庞杂化,两人问题扩展化!成果越揣摩越糊涂,这婚就结不了了!

  肖某是陆川县大桥镇人,现年21岁。去年8月的一天,肖某与朋友李某、庞某在陆川县某网吧游玩时,提起本人常常被陆川温泉镇某村的村民追打一事。李某、庞某听了十分愤慨,表现只有有枪,他们就敢朝该村的人开枪,帮肖某出口吻。当天,肖某就向吕某钊借到了猎枪,又打电话叫来另一个朋友吕某,筹备对温泉镇某村的村民进行报复,Rings store。当晚11时,肖某等4人来到县城寻找报复目的。吕某在县城双龙街发明该村人经营的某商铺门口凑集有十多少名干部,就即时发短信告诉了肖某。肖某等3人戴上头套,共乘一辆摩托车赶了过来,在间隔商铺十几米的处所,肖某朝人群开枪射击,成果毫无防范的人群中,有两人被猎枪散弹击中,终极造成1人死亡,1人重伤的重大成果,swarovski crystal tennis bracelet。据《玉林日报》

  本报讯  陆川县的肖某,为泄私愤竟向友人借来猎枪,向密集的人群开枪!其丧尽天良的行动,造成无辜大众1人逝世亡,1人重伤。近日,开枪的肖某及其同伙以及出借私藏猎枪者,均被玉林市国民检察院提起公诉。

Morgan Rothschild Academy mentioned in the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Delegation forDiversity 2008 AgendaIn 2008, we received a group of educators from the U.S. The visit was organized by the National Association of Independent SchoolFollowing is an excerpt from the delegation’s schedule. Tuesday, July 29ShanghaiGo-to Person:  Gene BatisteDress:  Business Casual/School DressBreakfast from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M.Coach departs Equatorial @ 8:30 A.M.Name of School:Morgan Rothschild Academy (9:30 AM – 11:30 AM)Host:  Morgan Huang Founder.  Mr. Huang will give us a thorough introduction to MRA’s programs, including the reading, math and science curricula.  Questions, of course, are welcome.Context:The Morgan Rothschild Academy (MRA) takes a particularly innovative approach to  early childhood education, an approach not seen until now in mainland China.  Morgan Huang, MRA’s Taiwan-born and Harvard-educated founder, conceived this bilingual academy for children aged 2 to 6 years,tsc, in 2001, during a visit to the mainland.  Today, in each classroom children learn from one English-language teacher and two Chinese-language teachers. Morgan Rothschild Academy strives to meet the high expectations of parents, who are concerned about results and academic learning in an early childhood program.  To address these expectations, MRA makes its educational results evident to parents and, at the same time, helps parents to understand the school’s own expectations for the children. For example, Moran Rothschild Academy teachers draw up monthly curricula for their students, detail every lesson under each subject area, and display these for parents’ reference.  Morgan Rothschild Academy teachers treat every child as a unique individual, and work earnestly to ensure that each child’s own particular personal and academic needs are met.Agenda: 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM:  Presentation by Morgan Huang, followed by Q&A. 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM:  Tour of the facility; talks with teachers; introductions to young students in the Morgan Rothschild Academy.  11:30 AM:  Coach departs Morgan Rothschild Academy.Visit Qibao Ancient Town, w/ Lunch in Qibao Restaurant (12:00 PM – 1:30 PM; Lunch Own Account)相关的主题文章:

















  4月30日,王霞又带着丈夫来山东省中医院复查了。“有了自己的事业,不必总躺在病床上了,元钊的病反而稳固了。”王霞当初已经对鸡场做了远期计划,她说:不论对元钊,仍是对未来的生活,她都有信念,replica polos

  此时的王霞23岁,trends silver jewelry,刚跟25岁的张元钊定亲未几。花一样的年事,王霞对未来充斥了美妙的向往。




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