White Nexus 4.

Phone, ahoy! Have ye seen the white Nexus 4?

Aye, cap'n. We have. In fact, we've got the white Nexus 4 here in our hot little hands. And, yes. It's a Nexus 4. And it's white. It's a white Nexus 4. And ... That's really about it. LG this morning finally announced the existence of what has never really been that much of a secret, and it'll be available May 29.

So what's new on the white Nexus 4? We'll break it down.

Look, for all intents and purposes, this is a white Nexus 4. It's the latest version of the hardware, meaning it's got the little nubbins that'll keep it from sliding around a table. It's got the same crystal reflective backing with the same design of the black Nexus 4. And it's got the same FCC identifier, so there's nothing different on the inside. (The one we've got is the 16GB version, for what that's worth.)

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Probably more important is that it's running Android 4.2.2. That, of course, is the most current version of Android, and the same version that's running on the black Nexus 4. Because, yeah. this is a Nexus 4.

The only real physical difference, other than the color -- which extends to the exposed screws at the bottom of the phone, and the silver around the camera lens looks damn cool -- is that the side of the phone has gone from a rubberized soft-touch to just a matte plastic. You lose a little bit of the grip, which sucks, but them's trade-offs.

And there you have it. It's a white Nexus 4. If there are any other major changes, they're not immediately available to the naked eye.