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The best f---ing weather widget you can install [AC After Dark]

Sometimes a weather widget can exist simply for entertainment purposes

Everyone has a favorite weather widget that fits their style or craving for loads of information, but sometimes you want a widget that's made specifically for entertainment purposes. FWeather widget is one of those apps, and if you look closely at the picture above you can see why.

The latest update to the widget has now added a settings panel and a refresh button, which are welcomed additions. You can now tweak refresh interval, set a manual location for weather, choose what items are shown on the widget and switch to a "dark mode" if you'd like.

FWeather widget is all about having a sense of humor and appreciating a little vulgarity when you're getting your weather information, and if you're into that kind of thing it won't disappoint. You can grab a free download of FWeather from the Play Store link above — but consider removing it from your home screen before you visit Mom for the holidays.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Absolutely love AC after dark. Calling the night shift in.
  • Ac after dark is they've had a few drinks and can't go to sleep.. Posted via Android Central App
  • Where are those wallpapers from? Id like to get them!
  • i think they are the nexus 4 wallpapers.
  • Yes, they come with stock Android on the Nexus 4.
  • Take a look online, I found a gallery of about 32 nexus wallpapers. I'm running that blue one above now. Updated with link:
  • Best widget ever. Installed. <3
  • This widget is awesome!! Posted via Nexii 4 (2012) using the Android Central App
  • Need after dark posts more often. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 |❌_❌|
  • + infinity. :-)
  • Lol nice! Posted via Android Central App
  • Seems like a really mature app for really mature people...
  • And I am sure there are plenty of apps you have installed that I could judge your character on. The point is, someone's device is theirs, period. They can install whatever they wish and shouldn't have judgmental people like you interjecting. If you don't like the app, don't read the review on said app. Pretty simple actually.
  • Well said Andy. Posted via Android Central App
  • +2013
  • Congratulations! You know the year! And that cute little plus sign in front of it! Decency doesn't go out the window because its year XXXX. Then again, doorknob humpers like you put Obama in office, so I guess it's not too surprising
  • Was it...really necessary to shoe-horn politics into a blog post about a weather app? Seriously...
  • .......this is more interesting than the app. Continue.. Posted via Android Central App
  • You should be grateful to Obama. Under Obamacare you'll be able to afford making an appointment with the proctologist to get that stick pulled out of your a--, even with your minimum wage gig flipping burgers at White Castle. The only thing that makes a word vulgar or inappropriate is uptight dipweeds like yourself.
  • pwned
  • +2014 (beat him into next year) Posted via your wifes, girlfriends phone
  • +2015
    +2023 I got us covered for a while. On a side note his ability to flip "+2013" into a political argument was nothing short of amazing. Dude really hates numbers and mathematical symbols or something....
  • Don't insult White Castle by insinuating that they'd have this moron on their payroll.
  • OMG you don't flip burgers while they are in the microwave? Are you crazy, that thing rotates on it's own, no flipping involved at all!
  • Get a load of this moron. "Thanks Obama"
  • Don't be an asshole your entire life.
  • I guess using the word doorknob humpers shows your maturity. How do you guys constantly throw Obama name in everything, just why do you hate the American President so much? do you even know why?
  • Well I know why I dislike him. First he is pushing a socialist agenda which has been a hallmark of lazy failing countries since the beginning of history. Secondly, he's openly stated on several occasions that the American people are not intelligent. When they were having the huge standoff about raising the debt ceiling Obama flat out said and this is close to quotes: "The American people don't know how to balance a budget. They can't worry about things like that". It's our failed government that is showing a lack of intelligence, not the American people. (although we are partially to blame for putting morons in office). Anyway, I don't want to turn this political like someone else so quickly did, but you did ask a question so there is your answer.
  • U mad! Posted via Android Central App
  • First, one wouldn't know much about an app without installing or reading the review.
    Second, appreciating a little vulgarity, not my cup of tea. In history vulgarity has always been seen as something low and even the dialect spoken by lower class people was seen as vulgar. While in USA vulgarity happens mostly through words, in other countries it is manifested through body actions and the picture gets more gruesome.
    I can not comprehend nor find a reason what should be funny or enticing about a person spitting out an word every 4 seconds. I would have thought and hoped that with advancing through years we'd become more civilized but it seems like more regress than progress.
  • Really? Wow over react much? Posted via Android Central App
  • Do you feel better about yourself now? Don't hurt yourself when you fall of that pedestal you are on... it is pretty high up there. |❌_❌|
  • Comments like these its no wonder the world is in shambles. Learn to laugh for crying out loud being stuck up and unhappy just ruins everyone else's life because we have to hear people bitch and moan far too often. Don't you know laughter is the best medicine?
  • Vulgarity has always been seen as something low, by people who think they are in high places (read: elite fuckwads).
    On the other hand, vulgarity is actually a pretty creative process in a lot of the cultures. Obviously if you just use fuck, shit, motherfucker etc. it gets old fast, however an example to this creativity is in one of the Turkish "chain profanity" words. It's not going make much sense when I translate it to English but you will still get the idea. It rhymes when you say it in Turkish by the way: Turkish: Ananin amina agac diktim golgesinde seni siktim.
    In English: I planted a tree into your mothers cunt and fucked you under its shade. As you can see, it is far from being simple, it really is a creative process. Or in other words: Go fuck yourself with a horse dick, sir.
  • AMAZING. This made my day. Actually, fuck it. I'm moving to Turkey. I need to be around more people like myself.
  • I am extending my fucking hand to you as a bridge between our cultures.
  • Remove head from ass. And get a fucking sense of humor. |❌_❌|
  • Hahaha. Awesome! Must install. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'll try it out but can anyone recommend a really good live wallpaper weather app. I've been using the HTC sense stock one for a while now. Sometimes it updates but most times it doesn't. Kinda annoying having to open the app just to update it. Posted via Android Central App
  • try shadow galaxy, it's a pretty cool live wallpaper Posted via Android Central App
  • Not really what I was looking for but thanks for the suggestion. The app recommend something that would actually show the current weather as a live wallpaper. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well, that's what Authentic Weather app should have done in the first place. Would be nice to have a hotspot on the widget though.
  • Hi, I'm one of the FWeather devs. You can request features on the project's GitHub issue tracker ;) It's here: What you're requesting is actually already in the list, but it's not been set for a specific release yet:
  • I'm sure that your mother is proud.:(
  • She actually doesn't even know what a widget is. She would if she knew, maybe.
  • Kudos on the response.
  • Yeah, since the F word is so classy./smh
  • iMore is calling. They want their arrogant member back.
  • Well, no, it's not. The concept is made by some Austrian guy, Tobias van Schneider, who now lives in NY. I guess you live in a different world than me and Tobias do: it's kinda hard to get someone as upset as you are with an F-word in most of the planet. Add to that that this app and the concept behind it are clearly a joke, they embody the "meh, I don't take everything in life so bloody seriously" attitude. In my experience, people that is self-confident is the most likely not to take everything, including themselves, too seriously. BUT, and I know that's probably the case with you, there's people that really gets annoyed by vulgarity, and I'm sorry if this somehow offended you. Now, it might also be the case you haven't got a great sense of humor or, more likely, your is simply way different from mine. I guess that happens. I'm sure you will eventually come out with something funny and not vulgar, because it's definitely possible. Myself, I am quite fine with this. It makes me smile from time to time. PS: I've shown and explained to my mom what a widget is, and what my widget is, and that AC featured it (ok, I had to explain to her what AC is in the first place). She told me it's silly -- hey, she's a mom! -- but boy, she definitely was proud ;)
  • Well played, sir. (ETA: That was directed at Rock3r.)
  • Because everybody's mother is an uptight prude. Got it.
  • She should be. Her son isn't judging others based off their use and creation of a widget and he's actually doing something some people find both humorous and incredibly useful. Does your mother approve of finger wagging and judging others based off almost no information though?
  • When my mother was alive, she surely didn't approve of the F- word. People that find that word or the use of it in a public manner humorous have lost some moral fiber. It could be a very useful widget without the vulgarity.
  • Wait. Hold up. You f*cking mean to f*cking tell me that saying f*ck results in a lack of moral f*cking fiber? I am f*cking shocked as f*ck about this f*cking revelation! Like what the f*ck?! Do people have no f*cking decency anymore?! What is their f*cking problem? I can't f*cking believe this f*cking nonsense. Oh wait, I say f*ck regularly and I have loads of moral fiber and an ethic and moral code that would put most people to shame. How odd. Double oh wait, it might be that YOU are trying to force YOUR OPINION onto others and want them to conform to YOUR STANDARDS. Well, that's f*cking stupid as f*ck. "Judge not lest ye be judged yourself. Holier than though... you are!" - Metallica (aka "the devil's music" for the UPTIGHT citizen's brigade members among us)
  • Holier than "thou". And you do prove that instead of using intelligent, articulate adjectives you replace them with the F word and it's bound to degrade your use of the English language. It's apparent you are succumbing to that. Not to mention you think Metallica made that up, lol!! Also, did you really type "Double oh wait"? Facepalm!
  • Oh noes! I mistyped one word in my hurry to type out a response? However will I live. My intelligence has obviously been stunted by saying f this and f that! /s Or it could just have been a mistake I made and didn't catch. You know, like everyone does at one point or another. Also, I didn't say Metallica made that up. I quoted specifically Metallica for two reasons. 1. It's the name of one of their songs and 2. It was playing as I typed out my response. Double oh wait is just something fun to type. You much like the other guy take sh*t way too seriously.
  • "Oh wait, I say f*ck regularly and I have no moral fiber and an ethic and moral code that would shame most people". There, I fixed your statement for you.
  • I can't believe this discussion is even going on. It must be ultimately depressing to take life that seriously. I pity you. Posted via Android Central App
  • This one is for you, pappy: f*ck the f*cking f*ckers! Posted via Android Central App
  • Take the stick out of your a$$ already. Not everyone shares your morals, doesn't mean theirs are any less than yours. It just means your a real stickler for being a prude and borish person. "Oh my, someone used profanity. I do believe I have the vapors because I suffer from stickupmyassitis!" That's you. That's how you sound. You can take YOUR moral fiber and stick it where the sun don't shine. Seattle, Washington!
  • It's a word. Get over it, and yourself while you are at it. Posted via Android Central App
  • You're a Yankees fan...a group widely known for its genteel and gentlemanly manner, as well as avoidance of all profanity. Posted via Android Central App
  • Probably more than you have done with your life.
  • It seems to be removed on the playstore. Do you have an apk?
  • ...and installed before it gets yanked from the market :)
  • ....This is Android; not Apple.
  • Dat :D
  • iWord
  • It wouldn't be the first android app pulled from the market because someone found it offensive.
  • i'm far from a prude but this is just silly and juvenile. but to each his own.
  • Agreed. Posted via Android Central App
  • Hear, hear. -Suntan
  • little things please little minds while bigger fools look on.
  • So dramatic why bother commenting like it offends you? Keep your play store settings on safe Posted via Android Central App
  • Isn't it a copy of Beeping Weather?
  • Yes, exactly what I said. Posted via Android Central App
  • See below :)
  • 1st thing I thought of. They just turned it into its own app! Posted via Android Central App
  • See below :) It's not as simple as that...
  • I'm one of the FWeather devs. Actually, this app is based on Actual Weather, a concept design you can find on Behance (can't post a link or I'm going to be marked as spam). The concept is implemented in a couple of UCCW skins, to be honest. Beeping Weather isn't on the Play Store anymore, and I haven't tried Effing Weather. While I only recently discovered Effing Weather, I knew Beeping Weather when I developed FWeather, but I decided to do my own app because of a few reasons. First, I feel like UCCW is an overkill in most situations, consuming too many system resources. Second, I really didn't like the way Beeping Weather looked, and its poor ability to handle resizing. Third, I wanted to experiment with app widgets, and a few new services like the Fused Location Provider from Google Play Services. So, that's it. The reasons why FWeather exists are reducing inefficiencies, improving the looks, and... experimenting :) The app is completely open source, after all. I'm just having fun with it. Plus, FWeather already does a lot more than Beeping Weather does, and we've got lots more in the works. After all, if you prefer Beeping Widget or Effing Weather, you can just install them instead ;)
  • Hi Rock3r, i really appreciate all the effort. Can i somehow manually translate the text to other languages? Or can i help you translate it to dutch? :) Posted via Android Central App
  • Of course you can, Ken! You can find all the relevant information on the FWeather GitHub page :) I'm afraid I can't post links here...
  • First off, great app! Digging it with one exception though. I threw it on my homescreen and for some reason where the weather icon would go (above the words) it just has a spinning circle. It's been doing that for going on almost 2 hours now. Definitely not normal behavior I assume. Thoughts on why or got any suggestions on how I can stop that?
  • Same here--I have a space above the words and a little circle that I suppose is to update it. I pressed it and got sworn at. Thanks for the laugh. This is a really fun little widget. I've placed it off the home page, so it will provide private amusement.
  • If it helps, I emailed about the issue. At least I think I did, the email that came up wasn't being accepted by Gmail, so I took out one part of it and left it as fweather at gmail dot com. Hopefully it is received and I got a response. If I do I'll definitely post it here to help you out as well.
  • I've received loads of emails today, and have replied to every one of them at least once so far. It seems like you got the wrong address. The address is frakbot + fweather at gmail dot com (no spaces, replace symbols), but if you have troubles sending you can omit the "+ fweather" part.
  • Ah, that'd be it. Appreciate the reply! I'll shoot one over shortly in that case.
  • There sure are a lot of Scottie P's here.
  • I'm thinking every Android device in Ireland has this installed. Caed Mille Failte!
  • Reminds me of this video:
  • Hahaha that's freakin' wonderful! Thanks for posting!
  • I'm not judging the app. Very original. But the pic didn't need to be on the front page where my daughter could see it as she flips through my flipboard. Put up a warning or NSFW logo or something. Then people that want to see it can and those who don't won't.
  • It took that many comments before someone pulled out the "Why won't someone think of the children?" trope. I'm impressed. Posted via Android Central App
  • There is always 1 or 2 or 10 in these AC After Dark Posts.
  • Maybe you are both right. Screw the other guys opinions as long as yours count. And lets start posting the porn too.
  • They have already done a post about best porn apps.
  • +1, good come back
  • gotta love the "what if my children see it" guy .... they'll be ok pal, get over yourself S4 via Android Central App
  • What was the point of censoring the header if you were planning on showing pictures of fuck and shit all of the place? Posted via Android Central App
  • Very good point.
  • I like it but if you have a busy wallpaper the transparent background on the widget makes it hard to read. Oh well, still amusing.
  • You can set the widget BG opacity ;)
  • I think it's funny. I'll probably never install it (because I don't need it), but I find it funny anyway. Good job in interjecting a bit of humor for people.
  • I've been using the UCCW version but I'm gonna try this out!!
  • Well it would be great for me to have this, however I am the only one at work who has a working S4 and I show it to the customers at the wireless kiosk because we only have dummy phones...phooey.
  • Well, they do have a fucking right to know how the weather is outside?
  • FCs on my 2012 Nexus 7. Uninstalled. Posted via Android Central App
  • Doesn't on mine. Please contact me through the app's support email so that we can sort this out!
  • I love that you edited fuck in the title of the of the post and then put up a picture containing that word twice and then some.
  • Yup, loved it myself :D
  • Installed it on my GS3 and it doesn't do a damn thing.. same message for hours, the weather icon (sun) doesn't respond when tapped.. I don't get it
  • I love the idea of this app but unfortunately, it doesn't fucking work and shit! Seriously though... It doesn't work at all. I usually don't leave on GPS so I first set the app to my zip code. It kept giving me an error to turn on GPS. Then I DID turn on GPS and set the refresh to 1 hour. It never updated on its own. The only time I got the app to update was after opening Google Maps.That worked a few times but has stopped working now. I know the GPS is working fine as Maps is immediately showing my location on the map. It never updated hourly, it never gave any realistic weather info. I'm in Phoenix and we had a bad dust storm that was widespread for a few hours today. The app displayed "Love is in the air" and a sunny symbol when it was pretty crappy weather all day. I would love it if this app worked! I will hold off uninstalling it in hopes of an update that fixes the bugs. Hopefully the Dev can also make it so tapping the widget opens a DETAILED weather report like say just about every other weather app does! The current temperature wouldn't hurt to show on the widget but lets get this thing working first! I REALLY want this to work so I can keep it!
  • Oh, **** this ****. There, a new app. Posted via Android Central App
  • High battery usage :( anyone experiencing this too? Posted via Android Central App
  • F ** loved it thanks Posted via Android Central App