Poll: What is your favorite music streaming service?

Spotify and YouTube Music apps
Spotify and YouTube Music apps (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Spotify has been under quite a bit of heat lately due to the recent Joe Rogan misinformation drama. However, many still use the app, and offers plenty of features that subscribers love. that said, there are plenty of music streaming apps to choose from, like YouTube Music, Tidal, Apple Music, and more.

With that in mind, we want to know which is your favorite and why.

In terms of sheer numbers, Spotify is an absolute beast with more than 172 million subscribers, with more than double that amount in terms of just users. Apple Music comes next with 15% of music subscriber market share, half that of Spotify's 31% share. Surprisingly, Amazon Music is right behind Apple with a 13% share, and YouTube Music is trailing with just 8%.

While they all serve the same purpose, they each have their pros and cons. Spotify offers plenty of features like its new real-time lyrics, Wear OS app with offline downloads, and Spotify Connect that will cast your tunes to connected devices. But while YouTube Music may have its flaws, there are plenty of reasons to choose it over Spotify, especially if you like obscure mixes.

If you're looking for high-quality audio, Amazon Music and Tidal are your best bets, while Apple Music will obviously benefit iPhone users the most with Spatial audio and more.

You can check out our list of the best music streaming services and compare for yourself, but we want to hear from you on what you prefer to use and why you like it over others.

Derrek Lee
News Editor

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  • Plexamp, connected to my home NAS is my favorite, especially since moving from a S20 Ultra with a 1 Tb microSD card to a Fold 3.
  • I've got a DLNA server and use either Hi-Fi Cast or Samba Player around the house. But as for a real service? Tidal, especially since they lowered their Hi-Fi tier cost by half.
  • Tidal since they are the only ones that offer a first responders and military discount. They also have some of the best quality and pay artists more.
  • Pandora. Yes, really.
  • Spotify. No contest.
  • Google Play Music😞
  • I feel you :(
  • RIP my beautiful platform.
  • Qobuz. Hi-def sound, music shop and streaming. And not data grabbing Google, Apple, Amazon etc.!
  • Spotify by far. p.s. AC is doing a hard press to get folks mad at Spotify and it seems their goal is to get folks to go woke and get people to cancel their subscriptions. I will be sticking with them for as long as they are best bang for the buck.
  • Spotify is trash. They rip artist off. they are disgusting. If you use Spotify something is seriously wrong with you.
  • Tidal is my choice. Great quality and the pay artists a lot more than Spotify (315 streams to make $1)(YouTube Music rapes artist, 125p streams to make $1). Tidal pays $1 after 78 streams. Pandora takes 752 stream for an artist to make $1. Support the artist and we get more of the music you like. I want them to make a living off music, otherwise the music I like doesn't get made anymore.
  • Tidal is the best music streaming service out. Best sound, huge catalogue. I care about sound quality which is rare nowadays as proven by spotify's popularity. If sound quality was important to most, then spotify wouldn't exist. People don't even care about stereo anymore. If you care about music quality in stereo, then Tidal is it. If you just care about the tune(jingle), then any other service will do. Hence the popularity of spotify.
  • Nope, don't be such a snob. Spotify is good for most folks. Anyway, I'm deaf.
  • Apple Music. I'm using it right now.
  • I'll take the obscure approach, LiveXLive is my personal favorite. I enjoy the curated channels and feel they are done better then Spotify.
  • YTM. Mostly because it's included with Premium but also because Spotify's audio quality on Android is trash.
  • My favorite music streaming service is Napster.
  • None. Absolutely none of them. Groove gave me what I needed, but Microsoft killed it. So, all of the remaining services are nothing but one gigantic suck.
  • I use Groove when I'm on my main computer or Lumia 950, but yeah it's just a shadow of what it once was. Loved it.
  • YouTube Music is awesome! I love the music locker feature and they have every obscure remix out there. It works great with Google Assistant and Android Auto.
  • It was Zune Music Service.
  • I mostly ended up using YouTube Music. It works very well with my smart hifi home theater setup. Especially with Android, it just works seamlessly, and has a very large library. I did use Spotify as well. And before that Pandora. For free service years ago pandora was great, but, then they hammered me with political agenda trash. Lately , however, I have been also using Amazon music when I want to listen to much higher quality on hifi. For some reason the built in app works well for quality streaming. But, voice control smsrt home works best with Google.
  • Spotify, by far. Claiming that Spotify "sounds bad", while tests show that next to nobody can tell the difference is just plain stupid. As for "paying the artists", please do take a better look at who profits from the streams. Bingo, it's not Spotify, it's the labels. Which is why Spotify is so eager to get people listen to eBooks and podcasts. Now, if it's labels who earn, why don't we demand that they pay a decent share to the artists? Finally, let me also point out that Spotify is the only independent streaming service, or at least the only one that matters. Apple, Amazon, Google (YouTube music) and yes, also Square (Tidal) have deep pockets. They can sell their services at a loss to gain market share, in the hope of starving out Spotify. And if they ever manage, it's either bye bye to inexpensive streaming, or bye bye to innovation. Or both. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • I can't express enough how much losing Google Play Music sucks. I legitimately listen to music less often now and I imagine that the user experience is at least part of the reason. When they transitioned, tried YouTube Music for a little before looking into other options. I tried Spotify again after not having used it in a few years and I didn't like it. Tried a few others and just went back to using YouTube Music. I tried to give all of them, including YouTube Music an honest fair chance, but each one had their own flaws. Google Play Music was just so clean, simple, and functional. Open other ideas and have servers I can use for self-hosted solutions, but after using cloud providers instead of buying music, not to mention that I like to explore music I don't know and haven't heard yet as well as what I know I already like. I don't know how to centralize both music I already have with music I haven't heard yet into a single seamless interface. At least not using any of the self-hosted solutions I'm familiar with.
  • YouTube Music for the port-your-own-music-library holdover from Google Play Music and for the bundled YouTube Premium membership.
  • YT Music sucks butthole, I have it free. Does however have best track selections. No Lossless. Tidal is a scam. Upscaled music. Poor selection. Spotify didn't meet my expectations. Lacked a lot of music I like. Apple was good except some quirks on Android. Also missing music I like. Amazon, good balance. Interface needs work. Deezer is really good but too expensive.
  • Hands down, it's SiriusXM and YouTube Music. Those both are great on Android, since there's a freemium version of YouTube Music available at VancedApp.com,and for SiriusXM, it's a lifetime to use, as it's a lot of ad free content including Howard Stern, Classic Vinyl/Rewind, The Beatles Channel, and more, you can also stream it in or out of the car! Totally worth it! If. If had to go with one, I would use SiriusXM as my daily driver.
  • I've used most of the above services and then some. I think it is time to declare music streaming a complete failure. All of them are boring and repetitive like the radio. Music discovery is almost non-existent. I shouldn't have to click like and dislike. All the information they need can be gathered by me listening to the song or advancing to the next.
  • Jango Radio, Can't believe it is not even mentioned online in comparisons and alternatives. By far the best and it is free! No commercials either! Plus you get to hear some new artists from time to time and if you do not like them you can skip the track and give it a thumbs down so you don't hear the song you do not like again.