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For those of you who have one on the way, Kickstarter-funded smart watch maker Pebble has released its Android app onto Google Play today. The app allows the Pebble smart watch to connect to your Android phone over Bluetooth, showing information like weather, email alerts, incoming calls and messages. In addition, it acts as a "dashboard" for the watch, notifying you of software updates, allowing you to install new watchfaces and assisting with troubleshooting.

The watch itself is now shipping to Kickstarter backers on a first come, first served basis. If you've got one coming, be sure to shout out in the comments.


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Pebble smart watch app for Android now available


Actually, Motoactv does have alerts for SMS, calls, weather, twitter, facebook when paired with phone. It does not have gmail alerts though. However, the Motoactv can do gps independently of the phone which is a plus.

I've already made an agreement with my GF to receive a Pebble watch as a B-Day present in May. I'm not a backer so I'll have to wait a month or more anyway even if I ordered today. I fully plan on grabbing a 22mm black ceramic watch band to put on it to make it a little more ... masculine (for lack of better words)

Given that pebble mentioned in their email that the manufacturing capacity for the watches is 800-1000 per day now and ramping up to 2400 per day, it could be a pretty long time before the last of the backers gets their watches...

Well I'm glad they have finally started shipping but I think I am going to have to wait quite a while for mine to appear as they have about 80,000 Pebbles to make just to keep us backers happy.

It will take at least 6 weeks for the kickstarters depending on how fast they can ramp up. Can't wait to get mine. I figure I'm around the middle of the backers.

I can't wait to get my Pebble. I currently use a developer edition MetaWatch as my daily device with the MW Community edition software; since it can display any notification that hits the phone it basically "supports" every app I have and lets me know when I have new Gmail, work email, and twitter updates from the @people I have setup for push notifications in the Twitter app. Plus I have at-a-glance time, weather, phone battery status and the next meeting in my calendar.

I also have a Strata (but it's having issues with the 4.2.1 bluetooth stack), Sony SmartWatch (it's OK but ugly and can't give you the same amount of information at a glance, but has a cool feature that lets you open a tweet on your phone by clicking the notification on the watch), and a i'm Watch (useless).

It will be interesting to see which shows up first, my Pebble (I'm guessing I'm in the 40,000+ range of devices to ship) or the Martian watch I backed.

Have mine :-p

I'm a hacker backer and have had mine for a while now. NDA has finally been lifted.

They did a great job. Good BT distance, display looks great.

Regarding "it looks too effeminate." If you have actual man-hands, nothing looks effeminate :-) I suppose it might not be everyone's style.

The functionality is actually pretty useful. I find myself pulling out the phone much less often. No longer have to stick my hand in my pants to figure out what time it is :-)

I am ready! Already got the app installed. mine should be shipping beginning of next week according to my colors (2 black) and the amount they are making right now.