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Consistent design and syncing across devices on all platforms

It has been 15 years since Google first appeared as a search engine, and on its anniversary Google is rolling out new search features to mobile devices. First up is a new and improved mobile web search experience across all devices, which puts it more in line with the "card" view of Google Now. Search results are now cleaner and more touch-friendly, focusing more on clusters of information in individual cards to help you get what you need.

On the back end, Google is laying out new improvements in its search algorithms and new keywords in the Knowledge Graph. For instance you can now ask for a comparison such as "compare butter with olive oil" to receive a nutritional breakdown of each, or filter down results with a broad query like " tell me about impressionist artists" to get information about who those artists are and view other artistic genres.

Google is also improving cross-platform syncing of Google Now actions with all of your devices. With updated versions of the Google Search app on Android and iOS, you can now set reminders or calendar events with Google Now on one device and receive the notifications (even location-based ones) on the others. It's all about making Google's services ubiquitous across platforms, and as always they indicate they're just getting started.

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Google Search receiving design improvements on mobile, Google Now getting more conversational


Blasted staged rollout is killing me! I know I could sideload the APK, but I've had some dubious experiences doing that (esp with device specific apps), so I'll wait my turn...but HURRY UP!!!

reduce server load, so everybody can download without hiccups. Imagine trying to get Google I/O ticket on day 1. That's what could happen if everyone gets to download an update at the same time.

Glad this is finally a feature, wanted cross platform syncing for a while now

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Now how about they begin playing nicer with Microsoft so that those of us that use Exchange can start syncing reminders/tasks between services!

Reading comprehension is not my strong point today, and only today.

I thought the headline was controversial until I read the article and went 'wtf' and reread it

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I's wish they would allow you to change the sounds in the Google NOW app.

Ask a single question quietly in a restaurant and everyone in the whole place knows you are using it when that BADALINNNNG sounds.

I remember the google demo ages ago where the speaker was talking to the phone drilling down using terms like 'it'. *that* would be great if they could get it working.. Wonder what happened to it?

The demo I've seen floating around was
"How old is Barack Obama"
"How tall is he"

The second question gives results for tom cruise, instead. In my head this sounds like a simple addition but clearly it's harder than it looks..

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Ok Google, why don't you just rename yourself Skynet already! You Now know everything, can even chat with us... You even started a new medical branch claiming to extend our lives but we all know it's really to make your autonomous vehicles more efficient killers. It's the beginning of the end folks. LOL!

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The sad thing is someday I'm going to cut and paste my previous comment (or say it to Google glass) into the Google search field and the response will be a autonomous Google Street view car showing up at my door with a t-800 getting out of it coming after me.

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