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The Konami Code lives on as a hidden Easter egg in the new Play Games

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start -- old school and hardcore gamers will recognize this code as the "Konami Code" or the "Contra Code," as noted by Ron Amadeo and demoed (after the break) by Renaud Lepage. This sequence of buttons dates all the way back to the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), most popularly know for its power to bestow 30 lives to players of the game Contra, and has been in multiple games since.

The developers of the new Google Play Games have decided to pay homage to these games of old, by adding a special achievement for anyone who puts this O.G. (original gamer) code to use. While it's not as good as 30 lives, an achievement is an ​achievement. Check out the video after the break for the code in action.

If you missed the Google Play Games announcement, now would be the perfect time to watch yesterday's event.

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xolanir says:

Thx for the tip! Just tried it and achievement unlocked!

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mcgowan398 says:

Haven't tried it yet

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jdhas says:

Great story! Can't wait for the sequel!

TurboFool says:

Episode 2: I've tried it. It worked.

Episode 3: I tried it again. It still worked.

Chris Nacca says:

Love these little hidden goodies from Google, brings the memories back

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crohns says:

Best Konami game ever Contra!!!

Best code ever in a game!!

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left ,right, B, A, select, start!!! Epic!!!

dethduck says:

Finally, someone who remembers it's "SELECT"-start.
It amazes me how that is always overlooked when talking about the konami code.

banzaiwolfe says:

Select was only a part of it if you wanted two players. Both versions are correct.

Well done Google. This one brought back some memories.

tsunami1609 says:

Is there a place where you can view all of your achievements?

Not yet. For now you just have to view your achievements by game.

JamesCarnley says:

Is this achievement connected to a "game"? Is it even a real achievement or do you think it's just a neat little popup?

EnigmaticJay says:


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ljredeye says:


I wonder how many actually know the start of the code? Hint: It was a developer tool for the game Gradius. Ok, guess that isn't really a hint, but more of the full details. But, yeah, it was used by Gradius game designer to easily test the game and then just left in. Of course after that, Konami used it for many, many other games. Contra was just more popular.

Sonicaholic says:

Would be nice if those of us who don't want a g+ account could use it!

Why don't you want a G+ account?

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Sonicaholic says:

To public, no way of locking your account so it's only viewable by invited individuals. I wouldn't mind so much if a pseudonym was acceptable as a user name.

youngjediboy says:

Aw this reminds me of my old Palm Pre... To access dev mode on webOS, you type out the Konami code.

*sheds a tear

Its not working fot me :s help :)

It did bot work for me
Help plz :)