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If you're a Cyanogenmod aficionado and also a fan of getting your theme on, then take note. The new Cyanogen Theme Showcase app has launched on Google Play to help make your customizing even easier. The new app acts as a portal to link CyanogenMod themes on Google Play with the CM's own Theme switcher.

CM Themes can change the entire look and feel of your phone's software. Or, if you can't make your mind up you can just pick and choose from different combinations of wallpapers, icons, boot animations and more from different theme packages. Snazzy.

Theme developers are invited to submit their creations to be featured in the app, so its range of content should increase as time goes by. Icon packs from popular launchers such as Nova, LauncherPro and more are also supported, so get as creative as you want to be. Grab it now from the Play Store link up top.


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Cyanogen Theme Showcase launches on Google Play


Well, I read that. lol Grant it, I haven't been awake long and I have not finished my coffee. However, I read that as simply being a fan of CM and not as a CM user. ::shrug::

I suppose that I should not be responding to articles online before 7am.

I can do this already in CM11 M7.. But for older versions it's pretty handy, yeah.

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It says my device isn't compatible? I'm running cm11 m6 nexus 5 doesn't it work with that?

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If CM could apply their themes across non CM devices, it would maybe get ppl intrigued and maybe switch to CM

The panda has spoken

I own a Galaxy S4, want to change rom because of all the apps that come pre-installed to the s4. Based that i come from a nexus 4, y hate the home button on the S4. Will like to know if I change to Cyanogen, if i would be able to have the home, back and active task buttons on the screen!?

No, and why would you want to? You can't get rid of the physical buttons and the on screen buttons just take up screen space on a phone that wasn't designed to have onscreen buttons. In CM you can reassign the Menu button and home button to do other things.

e.g. My menu button is the task switcher (opposite side from stock) and I have the home button set to NOT act as a power button. I tend to grab my phone there when it's in my pocket and don't want it to turn on.