Angry Birds Space via BlueStacks beta-1

BlueStacks has been around for a while. We first saw it in an early alpha, that while usable, wasn't ready for prime time. After lots of toiling and hard work (I assume), we finally saw BlueStacks enter beta, and boy, was this ever a different program.

So what exactly does BlueStacks let you do? It lets you run Android applications right on your PC, just as though you were using an Android phone or tablet. It manages to pull this off using some sort of black voodoo neckbeard magic​ "Layercake" technology the guys have developed, and man oh man, do I like it.

Getting BlueStacks going is simply a breeze. Once you've got it all installed, you simply open it up and there's a list of preinstalled apps. You have access to a couple of different app stores to download other apps you might want, and to top it all off, you can install apk's directly into BlueStacks, right off of your computer's hard drive.

(There's also an app syncing tool that lets you sync apps from your phone to your computer's client, which skirts the whole apk issue, but just know that it's there if you need it.)

When you've finally got an app loaded up in BlueStacks, there's always a bit of experimenting to see what button or mouse click controls what. For something like Angry Birds Space, it's all pretty straightforward; use your mouse like you'd use your finger.

For something more complex (and visually demanding) like Shadowgun, you've just got to mess around. For the most part, mouse clicks transfer pretty well, and more often than not, arrow keys will move your character. The few times I ran Shadowgun, it was either kind of stuttery or buttery smooth, so your mileage can definitely vary.

Overall, BlueStacks is pretty darn cool, especially if you've ever wanted to get the Android experience on your computer. Its uses might seem a bit novel right now, but as prices for games in the mobile space continue to come in lower than their desktop counterparts, BlueStacks looks like it could offer some market disruption.

You can download the BlueStacks Windows component from the BlueStacks website at no cost. We've got video after the break.


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BlueStacks beta-1 [Android App Review]


Very nice. Definitely gonna have to download that.

Can I make one constructive suggestion? I assume you could have pretty easily let the games data download and trimmed the download time out of the video after. (I guess I'm assuming that you had the time to do that.) Just a suggestion for next time.

never ever will i download anything made by bluestacks. i know they fixed it but it had access to My Pictures folder and deleted almost ALL MY PICTURES, thankfully i keep my pictures backed up and was able to completely recover. there is 0 tolerance when our data is at risk

Oh my... You had a glitch in a alpha program and now refuse to ever consider it worth while because of a alpha bug? Really?

Happened in beta. And yes, if it risks my data. I will never use it again. You have a problem with that?

Hey Guy:

The key word here is "Beta"!!! From everything I have experienced this is a great program. Lots of potential. But, hey, I won't use it anymore based on what you have said. NOT!!!! I don't think we are the ones with the problem!!!

Can anyone compare this performance-wise to the new emulator released as part of the Android SDK?

>"It lets you run Android applications right on your PC,"


"It lets you run Android applications right on your MS-Windows-only computer." No Linux, no MacOS.

Will not work if you are running XP mode on a Win7 machine. You are required to uninstall the entire VM. :-( That is not an option. I guess I'll wait for an updated version.

alpha worked very well (for an alpha product)

Haven't been able to get beta to work at all. would love to have alpha back.

OK I tried this a few weeks back & have to say it has potential, the article is misleading though to a certain extent. Personally though everything worked it worked terribly slowly (running any apps/games etc). I still have it installed but will stick with native android for my android app needs for now.

Am waiting for some developments with the new addition to the sdk (ice cream sandwich with Intel x86 sprinkles sounds yummy lol).

I have been running with it through the entire Alpha program, and of course now in Beta. Everything has been wonderful, and running perfectly smooth. My only 'issue' if you want to call it that? Is that fewer Apps would run in Alpha as compared to Beta now. I cannot imagine life without it. Simply a must have. On average, I run with about 158 apps on my mobile devices. Of course not all of them will ever work on Bluestacks, as they are geared for a mobile device. Tesla Flashlight, Camera Apps, SwiftKey X keyboard, etc. come to mind right off. If your not running Bluestacks, you are missing out if you spend much of any time at all on the desktop. Thank you Joshua for the write up.

Imagine x86 based Windows 8 tablets with BlueStacks installed. You now have Android app store selection on a Windows computer with touch control. If Bluestacks can get it running smooth and have controls working well on a Windows tablet, why buy an Android tablet? I have a Transformer but I am def. selling it and planning on getting a Windows 8 tablet in the fall/winter.

"If Bluestacks can get it running smooth and have controls working well on a Windows tablet, why buy an Android tablet?"

Because then you're stuck with a tablet running Windows 8. I'm just saying...

I don't mean to contribute to this pointless argument, but I think the original poster actually showed interest in Android, and was expressing his willingness to emulate it so he could both get the experience of Android and Windows compatibility. I understand that there's a lot more to the user experience than simply the "applications" available in the market, but failure to communicate and interpret each other's comments doesn't warrant an argument over which OS is superior.

I find this article very misleading. I have a very nice laptop, but you need damn near a super computer for this to run smoothly. It has a lot of potential, but development needs to work on getting it to run better with everyday spec grade computers.

I just want to know how to remove the damn icon/launcher from the upper right hand side of my screen. It gets in the way of my tabs when I'm browsing the web and is very annoying.

I have downloaded the app for my pc. Don't get me wrong it's a good app and it's worth downloading;however, it has a problem and I will like some Intel. I have apps on my Bluestacks app such as Ruzzle, scramble with friends, etc. but, it freezes and then it shuts down and I have to restart it every time I finish a match with scramble with friends. I can't play ruzzle either because it never finish loading up.