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It's been a little while since we've seen any webOS aping on Android. And now we have Wave Launcher, which brings the webOS wave launcher (thus the name) feature to Android. It's pretty slick. Touch the bottom of the screen (which would be the gesture area on a webOS phone), wait for the vibration and drag up, and the ribbon appears. You can attach any five apps of your choosing.

If you're using a third-party launcher, you could turn off the launcher dock and just use Wave Launcher. Or use them both. And it works while apps are open, too. Pretty handy, actually, and it's available in the Android Market for a mere 99 cents. We've got video of it and action, as well as download links, after the break. Thanks, Ray!


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Android Quick-App: Wave Launcher


It's not redundant at all. What this video failed to demonstrate is that that little ribbon can be activated from any screen when any app is open. The ADW thing can only be accessed from your home screen. This is what sets it apart, along with SwipePad (IMO better since it can hold 12 shortcuts).

Was just coming in to mention how much I like swipepad. Doesn't look as pretty, but more function. I don't necessarily need all 12 spaces, but I often use at least 7-8.

Hmm, it's interesting that it works even while within apps... But wouldn't the drag-up gesture cause conflicts with apps where you'd use the same gesture to scroll or whatever?

Outside of that it seems kinda redundant if you use ADW... Which already maps that gesture to pop open the scrolling sub-dock which can have an infinite amount of apps on it (you scroll left or right after dragging up anywhere to make it show up over the standard dock).

Pretty cool nonetheless, these kinda options are part of what makes Android great.

Never knew that about ADW. That was one of the things I missed about LauncherPro was the scrolling dock. Looks like I'll have to give ADW another try because I'm having FC issues with LauncherPro lately. This Wavelauncher does look awesome too.

On second thought, I could use both and have 17 shortcuts ready to go anytime anywhere! :D long live Android!!!!! FTMFW!!!!

This seems to interfere with the scrolling dock on Launcher Pro on my Nexus One. Seems like there is a slight hesitation, and scrolling the dock becomes a bit more tricky.

Seems to work much better if I set it for a side swipe rather than a bottom up swipe. Then its very accurate and fast.

Mine shows only 7.

Set it up the way you want it and then terminate it and restart it. It seems to gather dust bunnies the more you mess with its settings.

After leaving it sit for a while the service is down to 3mb. No clue what this app is doing with memory.

the more WebOS we can get on android the better!! android has the hardware and the apps...but WebOS is the better OS!! Love my Epic and everything it can do but would love to have webOS!

Thanks for this! I will use this like crazy and it gives me what i really need. I don't need a laincher that give me too many icons b/c i really only use 4 or 5 apps frequently.

The app works great and it's very smooth! Definitely worth the 99 pennies...

Quick question, where can I find that WebOS wallpaper?

webOS IS HANDS DONE THE BEST UI out there.... I had the Palm Pre Plus and loved it, but had to move to android because of the lack of apps in webOS.... I am glad to see some integration of webOS into android... MY IDEAL PHONE WOULD BE A CROSS BETWEEN webOS (card style and launcher style) and Android apps... That would be a perfect phone. When the Pre3 comes out I will get it and the HP tablet also... YES I will keep my incredible ( I have grown to love it). but I just love the UI of webOS. just an opinion, please don't attack me :)

if phil is using launcher pro how is he getting the 3d app drawer to work right with gingerbread? mine is wack with launcher pro, i gotta turn it off, sucks..

PLEASE SOMEONE UPLOAD THE APK and provide the link please, i am in kuwait and i cannot even see this in my market or any other way to see this in market and other applications like my market not market enabler as my mobile is not rooted

This is a really kewl little app!!! It works on top of everything!!! Works great with GoLauncherEX and WidgetLocker, both in portrait and landscape. You can use Desktop Visualizer to change the icons and App Organizer to setup folders. Works on my Nook to!!!! I love this app... well worth the 99¢… just wonder how long till HP jumps and has it pulled.

Phil, thanks for covering Wave Launcher!
We've added a lot of features this week. Most noticeable are:

  • Fully customizable gesture area (both manually, by long-pressing it, then swiping, and with predefined presets)
  • Customized number of apps on the wave, anywhere between 3-12!
    Improve wave animation effect.
  • An option to automatically disable in landscape mode.
  • Tablet support (e.g Motorola Xoom)

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