Deer Hunter 3D

It's fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, and for a good many of us that means days in the woods looking over a rifle or down an arrow shaft at our local big game.  Deer Hunter 3D, a new game on the Android Market from Glu Mobile brings the thrill of the hunt in a more compact form for those times when life, or even work, interferes with time in the stand.

Simply put, it's fun.  You have a choice of venues and weapons, and as you get better and advance in the game, harder levels are bigger animals are unlocked, making it even more fun.  Successful hunts give points that can be used to improve your skills -- which you'll need in the hardest levels where only perfect shots and the largest trophies will allow you to advance.  As we've come to expect from Glu Mobile, the game is smooth, the 3D objects are nicely rendered, and the replay value is high.  You can find Deer Hunter 3D in the Android Market, with both a free trial version (Android 2.1 or higher) and a full version for $4.99 USD.  Check out a video of the game in action, as well as the trial version download link, after the break.


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Android Quick App: Deer Hunter 3D


Hey Jerry, thanks for bringing this to my attention! I'm a deer hunter in TN...this looks like a lot of fun, can't wait to try the trial version on my Incredible...

Some nice sized deer there in TN. Saw a monster, had to be 175 lbs and at least 12 points and still in velvet while hog hunting around Franklin. Our mountain deer just don't get big enough here in WV, and I just feel bad hunting them in the cornfields :p

I hope your a Vegan. All of my kills have ALWAYS been eaten and every bit of the carcass has been used for a purpose. At least my food lived a good life out in the wild unlike that McDonalds burger everyone is eating. Most "hippies" that are against hunting (Not all are) do not understand that management or "Thinning" the heard keeps it healthy and that the hunting fees go towards forestry/wildlife management. Not to mention all of the clover fields my father and I used to plant on our property to help feed these animals when I was growing up. Most avid hunters help support wildlife financially through hunting fees. I know for a fact that hunters contribute much more money dollar for dollar than the people who oppose hunting. Just because we hunt these animals doesn't mean we do not feel anything for them, it is the opposite. But hey I'll play people hunter for sure :)

Yeah, Quake 2 and Quake 3 have been available for quite some time on Android. Quake 2 runs very well on my Droid 1 actually, and Quake 3 is playable. The controls suck of course, but thats a limitation of playing an FPS on a phone. FPS controls suck on all phones. You cant get either on the have to download and install them manually and I believe you need a purchased copy of the game to use the APKs (you need files and keys from the original).

I tried to get this game for the incredible but it is not in the market. I tried using the bar code but it is not found. Any ideas or just wait for the market to get updated?

I have an Incredible and I had no trouble finding this game a week or so ago, just searched deer or something like that and stumbled across it.

I'll be deer hunting for real tomorrow :)
but since i take my phone with me, maybe i'll load up this game and play it while i wait for bambi's daddy to come by.

It must be "Red Neck" week! First the Red neck driving game that was released yesterday and now the deer killing game...LOL!