Otterbox has always been one of my favorite cases, regardless of which device I am using at the time, and when I get a new device it is usually one of the first things I purchase. When I got my Droid 2, it was no different, I headed right to the Android Central store and picked up an Otterbox Commuter for the Droid 2 to ensure that my device was safe.

The standard Otterbox packaging has the case, a screen cleaner, and a screen protector. I ripped it open, and put it right on, because I had a couple of concerns of how it would fit, and affect the feel of the device as a whole. After installing the case initially I knew it would take a little bit of getting used to, with the added size and the different feel.

The Droid 2, even with the slide-out keyboard, maintains a rather slim profile, which was one of the main appeals of the device to me. Though I enjoyed the slim profile of the device, protection is always more important for me, and I am more then willing to sacrifice a little bit of size in order to add protection. While I try to be careful with the device, no one is perfect, and having a 4 year old at home who likes to play with everything, it is essential.

The case fits very snug to the device, which helps optimize the amount of protection. There are cutouts for the headphone jack and USB port of the device, and the volume rocker is raised making it easy to use. The 2 piece design allows for the device to slide easily, and not get in the way. One thing that made me nervous was if the top half of the case would affect use of the top keyboard row when the device is slid open, but luckily that was not the case.

The commuter series from Otterbox has always been the one that has felt the best, with the hard plastic, and gel combination, allowing for optimal grip and protection. The inside of the case is a thin gel, which is wrapped with a hard plastic, and the back has a brushed metal look to it. The front piece is just a single solid plastic piece, which is designed well, and even follows the curve at the bottom of the screen very well.

Overall, if you are looking for a great case and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of size to gain protection the Otterbox Commuter is a great choice for your Droid 2. Don't delay, pick up your Otterbox Commuter from the Android Central Store now for only $32.95 while it is on sale. More pictures available after the break!




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Review: Otterbox Commuter for the Motorola Droid 2


I am more then [sic] willing to sacrifice a little bit of size in order to add protection

that's what she said.

i have this case for my OG droid and its pretty lackluster. Twice the cheap plastic ring that fits around the screen portion of the phone has broke. Im not even talking about strenuous activity...the first time it broke my phone was laying next to me in bed (since its my alarm) and i guess i rolled on top of it on accident during sleep and woke up to that part of the case snapped. The other time i had my phone in the pocket of my gym shorts, and all i know is before i left to go to my girlfriends house it was fine. I arrive there and take it out of my pocket and the same piece was broke again. Still trying to figure out how that happened. Needless to say my phone is just rocking the back piece now...which holds up DECENTLY but isnt without faults. The little clips that it grabs onto the phone with are rather tiny and as you could imagine, pretty weak. It doesnt take much force at all to slip one corner of the case off of my phone.

TL:DR i know...

I have a D2 with the extended battery. This has caused some problems with finding cases that will fit. Will the Otterbox Commuter fit the thicker Droid?