Here's a brief video of the Nexus One booting up. Not much to say about that, other than the boot animation is colorful and splashy, but we already knew that. Note that it's sitting on top of what could be the box. [via TheNexusOne]


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Video of the Nexus One booting up


This really is a joke, your reporting the same news you did yesterday, but with a different headline. Have some integrity, and don't make your readers go over the same article twice.

Your wasting people's time. many posts is this now about the Nexus One?

I mean I definitely appreciate some good news...but damn, mix the game up a bit. :/

lol. How you you think *we* feel? And this is different. The previous post was the boot animation on a Motorola Droid. This is the actual Nexus One booting. But you knew that, right? ;)

the site is called android central, right now the android world is revolving around news of the new google dev phone (which some people will admit and others will continue to delusionaly believe is the fictional google phone)

what do you want them to report? articles about the bunch of nothing that is going on right now besides the nexus one?

keep on doing what you're doing guys! :)

I think all these accidental test tweets, home pics, and amateur-like videos are all part of a marketing strategy. The best part of it is that Google is paying $0.00 for the advertisement (Hype). It seems to be working. Brilliant!!

I agree Adiliyo, I believe Google is behind these videos. It's a great marketing strategy, show some pics, take a few videos, and let the internet do the rest for you. Hell, if you google nexus one and use their new "latest results" feature, every second you get another site writing articles about the phone. By the end of the week, you could ask somebody if they've heard about the nexus one, and I bet 8/10 people will know what it is.