The latest version of Jelly Bean seems to be on it's way, giving us a better idea of what "timely" updates are

Scattered reports of users with both the HTC One Google Play edition and the Galaxy S4 Google Play edition phones seeing an OTA update to Android 4.3 are coming in this evening. We've seen the kernel source for both devices uploaded to the web — a legal requirement before any software is delivered — so we've been expecting the updates.

Users should see the same basic experience that Nexus users have been playing with, plus the few minor additions that Samsung and HTC have made with Boomsound and Flipcover support. 

There are bound to be a few bugs, but perhaps the most exciting part of the whole thing is that we've got a good idea what "timely" updates means, at least this time around.

If you've got either of the Google Play edition devices, start hammering that button.

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Google Play edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 start to see Android 4.3 OTA


I got mine by manually downloading the OTA file and flashing it in the stock GPe recovery. Worked perfectly on my T-Mobile One running the stock GPe ROM. I can confirm that the IR Blaster is now working correctly.

Yes. I was already running that stock GPe ROM, but I just installed the stock recovery and flashed the zip directly. Worked like a charm for me.

Dan I have question got the new galaxy s4. Alas getting where I need to be is a fail for my non techie backside. Need to root and etc. However with my MS I forget the cadence. Any chance you could answer some questions.

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Wish I could have afforded the GP edition of the Gs4, hate waiting for my carrier Gs4 to get 4.3.

Just wait for the MaDaCo switch ROM for the gs4. You'll get vanilla and touchwiz together in no time. Hopefully it will come with android 4.3 on the gpe side

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They're the same price, you're just paying more over the life of your contract. $70 per month instead of $50 per month.

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That's awesome, but I still think they should have sent it OTA along with the Nexus Devices. But then again, they are "Play Edition" phones. But whatever that's still great I guess.


How is it a legal requirement to push the kernel sources up to the web before they release their software? That definitely isn't what the gplv2 says.

That is good to see. At least the Google edition phones are getting their updates quickly.

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I think they lived up to the promise of fast updates. I never expected it to be out the same time as Nexus devices (even though Google Play support claimed it would be). I think under 3 weeks is reasonable before it starts to stretch the definition of quick or prompt.

Still faster than the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. The turnaround for GPE devices is actually impressive to me!

Still have a Nexus 4 I'm working on selling and it *just* got the OTA this morning, so if the update for the GPe S4s is rolling out now, Im a satisfied buyer.

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Slightly satisfied that this rollout happened after the nexus line received 4.3.

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I just got the 4.3 downgrade this past Wednesday. Quite a few apps are not working properly.

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Timely updates. Even in the time it takes Samsung or HTC to recompile the code for their phones, the CDMA Galaxy nexus has no update in sight.

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I converted my regular Telstra (Australia) HTC One to a Google Play Edition using the RUU from xda forum. I also had root and custom recovery (TWRP) and my OTA showed up, downloaded and installed fine. AND... I didn't lose root access! Everything and my root apps are all working perfectly, as they were before update =D

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There are other cameras you can buy to use. Several in fact. And most allow you to save your pics to your SD card unlike the stock camera. Maybe not as feature rich as TW but very good.

That was much faster than I anticipated. That alleviates a major concern that I had with this device. Now if they will just provide factory images.

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Maybe I should root my galaxy note 2. These carrier updates are killing me!

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Converted my T-Mobile HTC one to a Google edition One and could then get the 4.3 OTA. 4.3 on both my new Nexus 7 and phone... sweet.

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Meanwhile.......VZW GNex owners are still (patiently, anxiously, eagerly.............angrily ?!?!?) awaiting 4.3 to be pushed to their phones......

Yeah yeah, I know......root & ROM, root & ROM.......point is, we shouldn't have to...

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I agree 100%. Verizon Galaxy Nexus. STILL no 4.3 update. :-( If Verizon's reason is that they are trying to make SURE that everything will still function properly after the update, I GUESS I can live with that. Still... it's frustrating.

Now if I recall correctly wasn't 4.3 supposed to include T-9 support and yet when I try to type a name with the keypad I just a digits and nothing related to T-9.

Glad to see that it really is in a pretty timely fashion for these as well. Didn't have that much of a doubt though. I figured that the GE devices would get updates quickly.