Widgets are always one of our favorite parts of Android devices, and sometimes finding a useful widget can be a difficult task. If you enjoy widgets, and are looking for some different ones for your device, be sure to hit the break with us and check out some of our favorites.

Sean Brunett - Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets

Since we’re doing widgets this week, I feel like I should highlight the widgets I use beautiful widgetsmore than any other: Beautiful Widgets is a collection of widgets that provide very useful actions for your Android device. With the app you get a bunch of toggle widgets including WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, GPS, Vibrate, Silent, 4G and Rotate. In addition, there is a gorgeous weather and time widget that will display the current conditions wherever you happen to be. This was one of the first apps I installed on my device and one that I recommend to new users almost immediately. It costs $2.88 from the Android Market, but it is worth every penny. Very recently the developers added support for Honeycomb (currently in beta), so check it out if you have a Xoom. [Market Link]

Menno - Taskos


On its surface, Taskos looks like a simple To-Do list app, but it has a couple of features taskosthat I really enjoy. The first, to follow the theme for this week, is the widget. Other apps (like Wunderlist) might have a slicker looking UI, but they don't have a widget option, and I like being able to just swipe right on my home screen and glance and what I have to do. More importantly, the widget lets me add new tasks without having to launch the application, which is really nice if I want to add something short. Secondly, Taskos will sync automatically with Google Tasks but this is a common enough feature. As petty as it sounds, the reason I use this app over the others is that it allows me to "swipe" right to mark a task complete, which is a neat little UI tweak. Available for Free in the Android Market. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Circle Battery Widget

circle battery widget

Android's battery meters are at times deceiving, and not always accurate circle batteryto the actual remaining battery life of the device. Personally I don't enjoy to clutter my notification bar with an extra battery meter to show the percentages, but circle battery widget was the perfect solution for me. With various sizes, and the ability to change the color of the widget it allows for use with nearly any screen set up and wallpaper preference. The market has a free, as well as a paid version, so if you enjoy to know your battery percentage, and love the novelty of widgets, be sure to check this out! [Market Link]

Kyle Gibb - Calendar Pad


Calendar Pad is a great widget that allows you more detail about your upcoming cal-padcalendar events than the stock widget. You can get the widget in various sizes and, most importantly, can choose if you want a day, week, or monthly view. I love using the full-screen 4x4 size widget in week view because you can quickly see what you have upcoming without having to launch the calendar app. Calendar Pad is incredibly easy to use if you are already using Google Calendar as it pulls information in without you having to do any manual imports. If you are someone who needs to keep track of multiple appointments or events Calendar Pad will help you keep organized (and on time). Free and paid versions are available with the Pro version offering added customization.[Market Link]