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Join us as we look back on one the most interesting CES in years!

Trade show podcasts are the best podcasts, particularly when it’s a show like CES and we get together people from across Mobile Nations. Andrew Martonik, Russell Holly and Derek Kessler lead you through this super-long episode with the help of Phil Nickinson and Michael Fisher.

We cover the news from just about every corner of CES, and have a few laughs along the way!

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Reader comments

Android Central 320: CES 2017 Retrospective with Windows Central


Hey everyone! Apologies in advance if you notice any cuts/drops in the podcast file. It's not you, it's us. We apparently had some recording issues at the time, and did our best to clean it up. We hope you enjoy it anyway!

"Spoiled like a man should be" ad is offensive with explicit pictures. It's posted this morning. I expect better of the reputable publication like AC.

If you ever see a bad ad on AC, feel free to send me an email and I'll do my best to look into it. Unfortunately we don't have full control over ad placements (or the ad content itself) on the site, but if something is off-base we can try to have it removed.

Listening to phil stuff his face while talking killed this for me. I checked out early as it sounded horrible. The worst part about this is that he has done the same thing during past years as well.

I have listened to every podcast since day 1, so I am a fan of the show, just not of listening to people talking with their mouths full

I had to stop listening to the podcast about 12 minutes into it. Of smacking noises from Phil. Please fill be more professional and stop eating while your recording

I was looking forward listening to this almost two hour long podcast, but had to stop 15 minutes in. The eating, the noise, the lack of direction. I guess you guy's had a great time making it, but listening wasn't much fun. Absolutely love the podcasts, not this one.

I remember when I could count on the podcast coming out every week on Thursday or Friday, and having a cohesive show. It was right up there with one of the highlights of my week. Then Phil leaves, and now you guys podcast whenever you feel like it.

What the hell?

Wow, unprofessional, rude, irritating, disgusting and unacceptable. Had to stop and delete the podcast about fifteen minutes in due to the eating noises. How is it you think this is acceptable behavior? You lost a subscriber...

I found the little quirks, rough bits, and overall candid nature of this podcast to be funny, I'm not sure what has all you guys tied up in negative knots. The only thing where I didn't know what was going on was the clipped out portions near the end, I just assumed everyone started swearing like mad or something 😁. Thanks for explaining it Andrew Martonik. Looking forward to more podcasts