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Those of you rocking a Nook Tablet will have more video options in the weeks and months ahead. Barnes & Noble this morning announced Nook Video, which will stream, erm, video from HBO, Sony, STARZ, Viacom, Warner Bros. and Disney to the Android-based e-reader. That brings it a little more in tune with the likes of Amazon's Kindle Fire, which long has taken advantage of streaming video

Also, you'll be able to link your purchases of physical DVD and Blue-ray discs to your Nook via UltraViolet, making the deal that much sweeter.

Customers in the U.S. will get Nook Video this fall; those in the UK have to wait until the holiday season.

Source: Barnes & Noble

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TBolt says:

(( tumbleweed rolls down the dirt road ))

coraphise says:

My first thought was "great, another streaming service."

Then I see who they partner with and I think "OK, maybe not so bad". It seems like there isn't a whole lot of cross-over between services, so maybe this will work.

More important though - are they going to make a B&N Video app for non-Nook owners?

technomom says:

This would have been interesting news in 2010. Not so much in 2012.

swyost says:

Did you even bother to look at the content providers? Several are major players that are not available for streaming for most people....

icebike says:

Are there any official UltraViolet Player apps, or do you have to use Flixter?

tillerrw says:

Just for the Nook Tablet? I was hoping my NC would get some lover from this.

loco90 says:

Agreed. I have an iPad as well, but this would allow access to more videos currently unavailable to me.

badkitties says:

HBO, Sony, STARZ, Viacom, Warner Bros. and Disney

that's one awesome list of partners...

can't get that with Netflix, Amazon Instant, or HuluPlus... yet