For those considering cutting the cord, YouTube TV is a viable option. If you live in the United States, anyway. We've got the details on everything you need to get the most out of this app, and everything that it offers. From details on the ins and outs of YouTube TV to how to troubleshoot issues, everything you need is here.

The latest YouTube TV news

April 10, 2019 β€” YouTube TV goes up to $50/month and gains Discovery channels

In February 2018, YouTube TV saw its first price increase from $35/month up to $40. Now, a little over a year later, the price is going up once again.

YouTube TV is going up to $50/month for both new and existing subscribers. If your subscription is managed through Apple, you'll start paying $55.

In addition to the price increase, YouTube TV is also gaining channels from the Discovery Network. This includes the likes of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Travel Channel, Investigation Discovery, and MotorTrend. Those channels are all available now, and later this year, OWN will be coming, too.

YouTube TV's official announcement about the changes

March 28, 2019 β€” YouTube TV is now available everywhere in the U.S.

At the beginning of this year, YouTube TV made a big step forward by announcing that it was expanding across the entire United States. When that announcement came in late January, YouTube TV was available in 98% of the U.S. with the remaining markets to get the service "shortly thereafter."

Now, on March 28, it's been confirmed that YouTube TV is available in 100% of all television markets in the country.

The news was first announced via the YouTube TV Twitter account, in addition to updates on the YouTube TV support pages.

January 23, 2019 β€” YouTube TV is going nationwide!

Yep, you read that right. Almost two years since the service debuted, it's now available to use in any market in the U.S. rather than being limited to certain areas.

YouTube TV is already offered in a lot of places, so with today's change, it's being expanded to 95 new markets. That means YouTube TV is now available in more than 98% of the U.S., and any remaining areas will get support "shortly thereafter."

This is a big change for the service and one we're really excited to see. YouTube TV's geographical limitation has been one of its biggest pain points since release, so it's thrilling to see that no longer be an issue.

October 19, 2018 β€” YouTube offers to credit users accounts after Tuesday's service disruption

No one is happy when their TV service is disrupted, but people were exceptionally mad during YouTube's 90-minute outage that impacted just about every YouTube property on Tuesday night. Last time this happened β€”Β in the middle of the damned World Cup semifinals β€”Β we got a week of credit for our troubles, and this time we're getting one, too!

Wanting to make things up to their YouTube TV subscribers, YouTube is offering to credit users accounts if they fill out this form before next Wednesday, October 23. Cable and satellite go out fairly regularly β€” especially if you live in a severe weather-prone area like mine β€” but it is rare that your provider actually make it up to you when it happens. If you're a YouTube TV subscriber, you should hop to it, right now!

YouTube TV credit for Tuesday's outage

September 16, 2018 β€” YouTube TV's web app is getting a dark theme!

YouTube for Android finally got its dark theme two weeks ago, and I guess YouTube TV was feeling left out, so it's bringing a dark theme to the YouTube TV web app!

The new dark theme has popped up on YouTube TV's Help site, including the super-simple steps to turn it on:

  1. Open YouTube TV on a web browser.
  2. Tap your profile photo.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Dark theme.
  5. Tap Dark theme to toggle it on.

Again, this is for the web app, not the Android app, but one can only hope it will be coming to the Android app before too long, right?



February 13, 2018 β€” The monthly cost is going up to $40 on March 13

Ever since it launched in April of 2017, YouTube TV has offered one single plan that costs $35 per month. However, starting next month, new subscribers are going to pay even more.

Beginning March 13, new YouTube TV customers will pay $40/month as opposed to the old $35/month rate. Current subscribers and anyone that signs up before then will still get the more affordable pricing, so if you've been thinking about signing up for YouTube TV, you may want to do so sooner rather than later.

Everything you need to know about YouTube TV!

YouTube TV delivers a lot in a simple package with a sensible price tag attached. If you have questions about anything from price, to availability, the answer is hiding here.

Everything you need to know about YouTube TV

What channels are available on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV gets you access to tons of great programming, including region-specific channels in certain cities and media markets. Everywhere can access great channels like AMC, The CW, and even ESPN, but there are excellent sports specific channels available for certain media markets. Every channel currently available is listed out for you here!

Most recently, YouTube TV announced that it was finally going to start airing Discovery channels β€” including Animal Planet, HGTV, Food Network, and more.

What channels are available on YouTube TV

How to get set up with YouTube TV

The first thing that you'll need to know when you get started with YouTube TV. From connecting your account to figuring out how to stream your first show, we cover it all for you here!

How to get set up with YouTube TV

Where is YouTube TV available?

YouTube TV used to only be available in select markets across the U.S., but on January 23, 2019, it was announced that the service was going nationwide!

YouTube TV was still only available to 98% of the country when that announcement was made, but as of March 28, 2019, YouTube TV can now be accessed in 100% of television markets in the United States.

Where is YouTube TV available?

How to find the shows you want to watch on YouTube TV

The sheer number of programs that are available to be watched, recorded, and rewatched is just a bit staggering. If you picked up a subscription in order to stay caught up on your favorite shows, then you'll need to know how to find them. From searching out a specific show to adding it to your DVR list to finding programs on a specific network, we've got the details you want!

How to find the shows you want to watch on YouTube TV

How to get the most out of sports with YouTube TV

Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey... There is a sport out there for every sports fan. Being able to stay caught up on the game, keep an eye on scores, and catch every appearance is key, and YouTube TV does an excellent job. It delivers everything the discerning sports fan needs to keep up, even when you're on the go!

How to get the most out of sports with YouTube TV

How to DVR programs on YouTube TV

One of the best perks of YouTube TV is the ability to easily record your favorite shows and then watch them later at your leisure. Of course, in order to watch those shows later, you need to know how to record them. We cover everything from recording shows, to deleting shows from your DVR list, so that you can get to record your favorites without a problem.

How to DVR programs on YouTube TV

How to stream YouTube TV using a Chromecast

While YouTube TV lets you easily watch live and recorded television on your phone, computer, or tablet, you can also cast to your television. You'll need a Chromecast, but once you do that, casting your shows right to the TV is easier than ever.

How to stream YouTube TV using a Chromecast

How to troubleshoot casting problems with YouTube TV

YouTube TV lets you go take advantage of your Chromecast to watch live and recorded tv from the app on your Television. However, there are a few unfortunate problems you may run into. If you've been having issues getting your Chromecast to work properly with YouTube TV then this is the place to figure out how to deal with it!

How to troubleshoot casting problems with YouTube TV


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