YouTube TV finally gets 4K streaming, offline downloads with pricey add-on

Hulu Vs. Youtube Tv
Hulu Vs. Youtube Tv (Image credit: Keegan Prosser / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • YouTube TV adds a new 4K streaming package.
  • The new 4K Plus package brings downloadable content to your smartphone or tablet.
  • 4K Plus will cost $10 per month for the first year and $20 per month afterward.

YouTube TV is finally adding the option to watch 4K content thanks to the new 4K Plus package introduced on Monday.

The new package brings higher resolution content to the best streaming devices from networks like NBC, ESPN, FX, Discovery Networks, and more.

The package also brings additional goodies. With 4K Plus, YouTube TV subscribers will be able to download content for offline viewing on the best Android phones or tablets, which is ideal for users on the go who might not experience the most stable cellular connection. The package also gives subscribers unlimited simultaneous streams over Wi-Fi, which may be handy for big families that might require more than the three-stream limit on the base YouTube TV package.

The package will run users an additional $20 per month. That's admittedly a lot to ask for considering the lack of live 4K content available, and YouTube TV isn't exactly inexpensive with a standard $65/month price tag. Fortunately, early sign-ups can enjoy 4K Plus for just $10 per month during the first year after a one-month free trial.

Google is also working on bringing new features for sports fans, such as the ability to jump directly into different sections of live events and competitions, smarter search for sports content to add to the DVR, and a new medal count view.

YouTube TV Sports Jump To

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

Additionally, all YouTube TV subscribers are getting a free upgrade to 5.1 Dolby audio, which should greatly enhance the viewing experience for compatible TV sets and soundbars. This feature will roll out "to select devices over the coming weeks," which likely means owners of Chromecast with Google TV and more.

YouTube TV subscribers in the United States will be able to add the 4K Plus package starting today.

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