This discounted Amazon Fire TV is a solid Black Friday buy for the dorm room or kids' room

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Dope for dorm rooms and cool for the kids! This 32” Amazon Fire TV with Alexa voice remote is just the right cost for your little, or not-so-little ones this Black Friday. The upsides are that you are going to get a capable smart TV which supports HDR 10, HLG and comes with an Alexa voice remote so content searches can be done more efficiently, without having to use the remote’s physical buttons to navigate around the screen which is always a pain.

HDR and HLG support for the dorm or kids' room at a great price

Amazon Fire TV 32" 2-Series HD smart TV with Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote: $199.99 $109.99 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV 32" 2-Series HD smart TV with Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$199.99 $109.99 at Amazon

Need a TV for the dorm room or the kids room that supports HDR? How about Bluetooth so they can rock headphones while gaming, to keep the noise down? You get a solid feature set at one of the lower prices we've seen, so give this a serious look!

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Amazon Fire TV 32" with Alexa voice remote

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The HDR 10 and HLG support is a big deal because this isn’t 4k, or even 1080p for that matter, but HDR support means that with shows that support the standard, you should still get images that are bright, and have a wide range of colors! HLG is supported by broadcasters so sports should look pretty good on this set, as well as movies. And to ensure that you’re getting a solid image, the unit uses direct LED for backlighting which produces better brightness and blacks with more uniformity to the backlighting than an Edge lit TV. Basically, when it comes to LCD’s this is generally the better of the two technologies, though it’s worth noting that one of the weaknesses of direct LED backlighting is contrast. Blacks can sometimes appear more gray than black.

Amazon Fire TV 32" with Alexa voice remote

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We’ll get to more specs in a moment, but it’s important to note that at $110 you’re going to get an HDMI ARC input. What exactly does that mean? Less cables. For those buying this for a dorm room, your college student can hook up a soundbar, then connect other items to the soundbar and it will all play directly through there. This means that in addition to the smart TV channels that are accessible and can play audio through the HDMI ARC port, you can even use an antenna and the audio will play through the soundbar, not just the TV speakers. The same applies to any gaming consoles you’re going to connect up. This Fire TV also supports passthrough of Dolby-encoded audio which quite a few units don’t.

In addition to the HDMI ARC port, you’ll get two more standard HDMI inputs and you’ll have Bluetooth to connect to so that your student or child can game all they want without disturbing your sleep or their roommates. In terms of internet connectivity, the TV supports both wifi and ethernet connections. The only downside here is that the resolution is only 720p.

At $109.99 this is the lowest price this TV has been seen at, so it’ll make a great deal for the use cases I mentioned at the beginning of this article. You get a lot for that price if you know what to expect going into the purchase.

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