Hulu has been a popular choice for streaming video for years. It's grown a lot in the past few months too, especially as part of the bundle with Disney Plus (Disney+) and ESPN+. Hulu has something for everyone, and that includes plenty of excellent kids shows and other programming. In fact, it can be hard to choose which shows to put on for the kids in your life especially when you need to keep them busy while you try to get work done. Here are the 16 top kids shows available on Hulu.

Animaniacs Hulu Warner Press Header

Totally Insane-ee: Animaniacs

Staff Pick

This cartoon variety show introduces us to The Warner Brothers and The Warner Sister, Dot (No relation). Enjoy 99 episodes of hilarity with more to come since new Hulu-exclusive episodes are on the way.

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Sesame Street 50 Warner Press Header

The Word of the day is "Learn": Sesame Street

Can we tell you how to get to Sesame Street? This long-running classic children's show is now streaming on Hulu, and it's ready to teach and entertain a new generation of kids (plus parents too).

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Steven Universe Movie Warner Media Header Cropped

Half Human. Half Gem. All Hero.: Steven Universe

It's hard for a kid to save the world, much less the Universe. Luckily, Steven has great friends to help as he learns about his powers. Steven Universe Future, the sequel series, is also airing now on Cartoon Network.

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Youtube Tv Regular Show Banner

Where the bizarre feels regular: Regular Show

This Emmy-winning show is about two friends, Mordecai the blue jay and Rigby the raccoon, just trying to live a normal life filled with crazy food, ghosts, a yeti, and more. They're just like us.

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Adventure Time Finale Warner Press

Visit the Land of Ooo: Adventure Time

Finn the Human and his pal Jake the Dog explore the world, getting into battles, singing songs, and saving their friends. A post-apocalyptic land has never been this fun!

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Doc Mcsuffins Walt Disney Tv Press Header Cropped

Time for your checkup: Doc McStuffins

Teach your youngest kids about first responders with Doc McStuffins, a kid doctor for toys and stuffed animals. Have fun and learn about the value of helping those around us.

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Curious George Pbs Press Banner

Classic Books come alive: Curious George

Even the littlest kids can have great shows to watch. This one wraps lessons in ethics, math, science, and more into the life of a young monkey. Best of all, there are more than 100 episodes for the young ones to watch.

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Angry Birds Rovio Press Release

Sling me to life: Angry Birds

All those Bad Piggies better run and hide, because these Angry Birds are ready for action and fun. The hit mobile game comes to life is this series of wacky shorts about stolen eggs.

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Hey Arnold Nickelodeon Press Header

Move it, Football-Head!: Hey Arnold

Arnold and his friend Gerald navigate life as kids in the big city pretty well, considering all the big challenges they face, including fights and even love. Arnold also has a pet pig named Abner who likes to eat...bacon?

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Rugrats Kids Nick Press Cropped

Hold onto your diapers!: Rugrats

Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil have all made it onto Hulu in this famous baby-focused cartoon. Along with big kid Angelica, follow the babies as they get into adventures at home and beyond.

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Powerpuff Warner Press Header

Kickin' Kindergarteners: The Powerpuff Girls

In Townsville, the mayor knows who to call when trouble hits the city — three kindergarteners! Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are The Powerpuff Girls, and they have super powers and the will to fight crime of all kinds.

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Justice League Action Dc Comics Press Release

Super Excitement: Justice League Action

The superheroes of the DC Comics universe are here to save the day. The Justice League unites Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Hawkman and more in this modern version of the battle between good and evil.

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Teen Titans Go Warner Press Header

Ready… Set....: Teen Titans Go!

Superheroes can be super funny too, as proven by this cartoon that puts young superheros into a surreal sitcom. Watch Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven learn to fight and live in crazy circumstances.

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Tmnt Nickelodeon Press Header

Heroes in a Half Shell: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Everyone knows the format. Four young turtles named after famous artists are trained in martial arts by a rat-man. This version adds excellent computer animation, a great cast, and quality writing to create a winning show.

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Mythbusters Twitter Jr Duct Tape

Who you gonna call: Mythbusters Jr.

Great kids shows are more than just cartoons, and this Science TV spin-off of the classic myth-busting show pairs kids with original host Adam Savage. Each Junior MythBuster is an expert in one of six STEM fields.

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Master Chef Junior Fox Flash Press

Where's my Wellington?: MasterChef Junior

Cooking competition shows are very popular, and one of the best has kids cooking front and center. Famous chef Gordon Ramsay mentors and judges kids through tests and challenges to make amazing dishes.

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Hulu kids shows that are the Tip-Top

Now that a lot of people are stuck at home, you might be looking for things to watch, especially for those kids who aren't at school. Top kids shows should entertain kids of all ages, and our top pick has entertained kids through the ages, too. In the same spirit as other classic Warner Bros. cartoons like Looney Toons, Animaniacs is funny to kids and their parents. It's mostly timeless, even with references to classic cliches of old Hollywood, but there are a few cultural references of the 1990's that today's kids will likely miss out on. Luckily, new exclusive episodes of Animaniacs are on the way as Hulu Originals, which means there will be more to discover and these originals aren't likely to leave the service anytime soon.

Looking for something targeting kids a little older? Check out Steven Universe, which has won over fans and critics who give it high praise. The show is smart, exciting, and fun but it also goes deeper than most other kids shows. It's more than just a typical coming-of-age story, as it deals with issues like gender roles, sexual identity, relationships and more.

If you want kids shows that can be a springboard into learning or activities, Hulu has you covered there too. With MythBusters Jr., kids can see other kids around their age doing crazy fun and difficult experiments. This could lead the kids watching to a greater interest in a STEM field or two. Meanwhile MasterChef Junior could open up the kitchen to kids who watch it, and lead to experimentation with cooking. It helps for kids to see themselves represented here too, and to learn that kids can make more than just Toaster Pastries and pizza when it comes to food for themselves.

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