Amazon Spin & Win offer prizes of up to $20 in credit through Cyber Monday

Amazon Spin & Win.
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What you need to know

  • Amazon Spin & Win giveaway features store credit prizes up to $20.
  • Customers can spin the wheel once per day to win an instantly useable store credit prize.
  • Whether a prize is won or not, your name will be entered into a daily sweepstakes pulling where you could win a $500 prize.

Amazon is hosting a unique game for customers to try their hand at to win prizes through the weekend and into the next big deal of the year.

Come one, come all, and try your hand at the Amazon Spin & Win giveaway promotion where you can win up to $20 in store credit. This promotion rolls through today (Sunday) and through to the end of Cyber Monday (11:59:59 p.m. PT).

To participate in the giveaway, you will need to download the Amazon Shopping app and sign in to your account. Once you're in, tap on the "Spin & Win" banner and spin the wheel. You can also scan the QR code in the Spin & Win banner or you can search for it manually through the mobile app.

Users can only spin the wheel once per day to win one of the prizes featured on the wheel. The prizes on the wheel are in the "Instant Win" category meaning, if you hit one of the store credit options ($5, $10, or $20), you can instantly use it on Amazon as you complete a purchase.

If you don't happen to strike gold, it's okay, your daily spin will enter your name into the sweepstakes to possibly win a $500 prize for the day. Winners of the daily sweepstakes pull are announced daily and will be notified by Amazon directly through the app and via email within three days.

Amazon's promotion page for the Spin & Win game states that there are a total of 8,500 instant win prizes given out daily. The odds only get sharper if you're eyeing the coveted $20 credit prize as the odds of winning it are 1:5,000. Get your spin in as early as you can as Amazon is only giving out 1,000 $20 store credit prizes today and tomorrow.

More deals are already here and if you can bag one of these store credit options, it'll surely come in handy if you're eyeing a phone for Cyber Monday.

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