Best Ethernet adapters for Chromecast or Fire TV Stick 2024

Two of the most popular streaming stick options are the Google Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV Stick, both of which are priced at around $40. Streaming isn't always perfect, though, and if you're suffering from a poor connection or just having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi altogether, an Ethernet adapter could save you a lot of trouble by hard-wiring you directly into your connection.

The latest Google Chromecast lineup bumped up the ports to USB-C. Unfortunately, Amazon's Fite TV Stick devices are still hanging on to the dated micro-USB port for power. You'll need a USB-C Ethernet adapter if you're using the newer Chromecast devices, so choose the right adapter when making your decision. With that in mind, here are some of the best Ethernet adapters for Chromecast or Fire TV Stick.

Meet and greet the best Ethernet adapters for your streaming devices

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Stop struggling with inconsistent stream quality

There are several reasons why your home Wi-Fi might not be delivering the best signal to your Chromecast or Amazon Fire streaming device. It could be that your wireless network is over-encumbered by the number of devices connected, or it could be related to the distance between the wireless router and the streaming dongle. The walls of your home can also interfere with the signal. No matter what's causing the problem, a wired connection is the easiest solution because it eliminates interference and puts your streaming device at the head of the queue for net access.

You'll find plenty of adapters for sale that can achieve this connection: all you need is a micro-USB-to-Ethernet or USB-C-to-Ethernet adapting cable. Yet most of the adapters on this list only support 10/100 Ethernet, meaning that they deliver 10Mbps upload speeds and 100Mbps download speeds — although you'll only need to care about download speeds for streaming. This may be fine, but if your Wi-Fi can achieve higher speeds than 100Mbs, this may end up throttling your internet connection even further.

Thus, the Cable Matters Ethernet adapter stands above the crowd out of a mass of adequate adapters with the same transfer speeds. This model gives you up to 480Mbps download speed. Assuming your internet speed can reach that number, that'll be plenty fast for streaming 4K video on your Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. The best part is, Cable Matters offers two variants of the same ethernet adapter. One is for micro-USB and the other is for USB-C streaming devices.

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