Prices confirmed for NVIDIA's new Shield TV lineup via an early Best Buy listing

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What you need to know

  • There are two new devices from NVIDIA, the Shield TV Pro and a smaller Shield TV.
  • Availablity for these new NVIDIA Shield streaming devices is reported to be October 27.
  • Pricing is going to be $200 for the Pro and $150 for the regular version.

We've had previous leaks about the unannounced new products, but now we are getting what looks to be official pricing and release dates. A source told Android Police that the on-shelf dates for the new NVIDIA Shield Pro and NVIDIA Shield will be October 27 and 28, with pricing being $200 and $150, respectably.

Source: Reddit and Android Police

Even more interesting, according to a report on Reddit and a post on Liliputing, it seems that some folks have already gotten their hands on the devices. If you were interested in picking these up, you might be able to try your luck by explicitly asking for the SKU (stock keeping unit) and could end up taking them home. The SKU on the Pro is 6370425 and the new Shield TV is 6370422. While some Best Buy employees may know these aren't due out yet, some may not.

Source: Android Police

While the new NVIDIA Shield TV Pro doesn't look much different than the current version, aside from the remote, it does have some pretty significant upgrade inside. It will be running the new Tegra X1+ chipset, support Dolby Vision HDR, and have some AI upscaling for 4K, also including 3GB RAM and 16GB of storage. The new Shield TV is set to be called just the "Shield TV", and it will include a USB-C port that should allow you to add storage to the onboard 8GB. Running the show will be a Tegra X+ for upscaling and a Tegra Z1+ for the rest of the processing.

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