Best external drives for NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 2023

The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is the best Android TV box that money can buy right now, but you'll still want to snag one of the best external drives for the Shield TV Pro. It comes with a beefy Tegra X1+ chipset and 3GB of RAM, but the internal storage is limited to 16GB. If that doesn't sound like enough storage space for your media needs, you can make use of the NVIDIA Shield TV's USB ports and mount an external storage device to easily expand your available storage. Here are our top choices for external drives for your NVIDIA Shield TV Pro.

Expand your storage with the best external drives for the Shield TV Pro

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Choosing between the best external drives for the Shield TV Pro

The NVIDIA Shield TV and Shield TV Pro

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Whether you plan to use them to replace the Shield's 16GB hard drive or to download content from your PC files to your living room TV, these are all excellent NVIDIA Shield TV Pro drives. However, if you're looking to max out your internal storage, we'd recommend the 5TB Seagate Portable External Hard Drive. For what you finally pay for up to 5TB of storage, it is an absolute steal.

Note that if you decide to mount and use a USB drive as internal storage for your NVIDIA Shield, it will format the drive and wipe it clean, and you will need to reformat it again to use it with a different device. Alternatively, NVIDIA recommends selecting the "removable storage" option if you're using the drive for transferring or watching media content. We'd also recommend the SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive because it's one of the few external storage options actually recommended by NVIDIA.

After you've found the best external drives for the Shield TV Pro, make sure you go and grab the best gaming controller for the Shield TV. The best Android TV box coupled with plenty of storage and a proper controller will give you the ultimate home theater and gaming system.

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