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Best gaming controllers for NVIDIA Shield TV 2022

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro
NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (Image credit: Android Central)

NVIDIA updated its Shield TV consoles in 2019, and the new tube and Pro models are still the best Android streaming devices for gamers. There are so many great ways to play games on your Shield, from the growing collection of the best Android games as well as AAA PC games streamed through NVIDIA's GeForce NOW service. If you want a controller or two for some couch multiplayer, you'll be happy to know that alongside its own excellent controller, the NVIDIA Shield TV offers Bluetooth support for other great gaming controllers.

Pair your games with the best NVIDIA Shield TV controllers

Often overlooked for its gaming prowess, the NVIDIA Shield offers a plentiful variety of ways to play, whether you're downloading games from the Google Play Store or streaming games from NVIDIA GeForce Now. The most reliable option is still the NVIDIA Shield Controller because it will connect reliably every time and features volume controls and a headphone jack.

Beyond that, we recommend the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro, which also works well with smartphones and PC gaming. But it gives you that retro look and feel that can't be understated and made an extremely welcome comeback in 2020. Plus, you'll be able to game for hours with long-lasting battery life, which is perfect for those intense retro gaming sessions.

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