Kindle Fire

You might recall that last week we gave away an Amazon Kindle Fire, and it's time to announce the winner.  Out of about 3,000 entries, AC member psheppard001 was the lucky winner.  We've contacted him, and sent out his Kindle Fire, so now all that's left is for us to congratulate him.  On behalf of everyone here at Android Central, congrats!  Use the daylights out of that sucker, and be sure to tell us all how it works out for you in the Kindle Fire forums.

If you entered and didn't win, don't worry -- we'll have another killer contest or giveaway soon. 

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cashxx says:

Darn it I never win!! Congrats to psheppard001

ddaydev says:

:o i almost live my life on this place and never had seen the contest , o well congrats

nathan 007 says:

Same here lol.

Hand_O_Death says:

Congrats, enjoy it.

dcreed says:


I hoped to win to give it to my dad...but now I guess I'll get a new Nook and give him my old one.

katnapper says:

Was hoping to get it for my 3 year old. Tired of sharing my T-Bolt with her.

davidr521 says:

"And the winner is..."

Not me :(


Congrats to the guy who won it tho