Spotify on Android Auto

Next up on our quick tour of Android Auto apps — and as you'll recall from our Android Auto primer, that is apps that also support car playback; not separate downloads or anything — comes an application that needs basically no introduction. Spotify quickly solidified itself as one of the streaming music apps. And that it supports Android Auto gives you just one more reason to give it a shot if you haven't already.

While it lacks Chromecast support, Spotify (ad-supported, or $9.99 a month for everything) does what you expect from it in the car. Let's take a quick look.

As you can see, Spotify follows the same user experience convention as other media apps on Android Auto. And that'll continue with other apps, the idea being that Google doesn't want you having to hunt for features all over the screen while you're driving. So you've got the same sort of menu structure on the left-hand side. You can drill down through your music, which includes playlists, stations, artists and albums (and may in fact be easier to get through in the car than Google Play Music).

The browse category takes you through various categories of new music — and I always try to hit up something in the new releases section a couple times a week. As noted in our forums, voice search can be a little wonky. And for some strange reason playlists have a habit of shuffling songs without you asking them to. But otherwise, Spotify on Android Auto has proved to be a pretty solid streaming experience.

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