We are a go people; this is not a drill! Sony has finally taken its cross-save functionality out of beta and is allowing all developers to code it into their games. That means we will, hopefully, start seeing a lot more games becoming cross-compatible. We've created this list of all the games we would love to see work fully across different systems.

★ Featured favorite: Destiny 2

With the release of Shadowkeep and it's free-to-play offering New Light, Destiny 2 is in the middle of a resurgence. It already supports cross-save, but having cross-play would make Destiny 2 a huge force in the gaming world. Plus, I would love to play Shadowkeep with my Xbox One friends again.

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Free-to-play goodness: Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game that came out of nowhere to take us all by storm. We love the three-player teams, and being able to cross-play with friends makes the most sense on free-to-play games. Sony has nothing to lose and everything to gain from making them cross-play.

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Lets get crazy: Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is a wild ride already, but adding it to the cross-play family would bring the insanity to far more people. We love this game here at Android Central and want to play with our colleagues over at Windows Central, too. We have been told that Gearbox is actively working on cross-play so fingers crossed that it happens soon.

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Londons calling: Watch Dogs: Legion

The new Watch Dogs game looks great, with your ability to recruit any NPC onto your team. The multiplayer is set to be just as expansive, so having cross-play support makes a lot of sense. Spread the madness!

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Stick and move: FIFA 20

This game has one of the largest player bases out there. With so many sports fans (who are also video game fans), FIFA is hard to keep on the shelves at every new release. Keeping that in mind, I'm surprised it wasn't one of the first games that gained cross-platform compatibility. With the numbers looking like that, I would've announced cross-platform right away.

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The hunt is on: Monster Hunter: World

Tame your monsters so you can train them to defeat other monsters. In the multiplayer option, you and three other friends join forces to fight against a giant monstrosity. This challenging and gorgeous game has stolen our hearts, and we want to play with our Xbox friends too, dangit!

$20 at Amazon

Biggest game ever?: Minecraft

Playing Minecraft online takes me back to the days of watching RoosterTeeth create wild puzzles and games for themselves on their servers. There is hardly anything cooler for your Minecraft experience than downloading a seed that's filled with a whole lot of adventure and taking your friends for a wild ride. This is one of the main titles I hope Microsoft will push into cross-play.

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Pew Pew laser sword!: Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 has gone through a transformation since it's disastrous launch. The game is now very good and would make an excellent addition to the cross-play family.

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Lay siege to cross-play: Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is one of those games that works best when playing with a close-knit team of friends. You need great communication to play effectively. This is a game that would work amazingly well cross-platform, as you would have a bigger pool of friends to play with.

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RPG for glory: Elder Scrolls Online

Scratch the itch for fantasy that we're all craving and play some Elder Scrolls Online. You can grind your levels, defeat dungeons, and take on massive bosses with your friends. The PlayStation version of this game is compatible with those on the PC, but your Xbox friends have been left in the dust, but maybe not for good. Since Sony has opened cross-play, we may see a truly open Elder Scrolls world.

$20 at Amazon

The Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy series originally started as a single-player game that took you 13,523 hours and 12 discs to complete. Now, with Final Fantasy XIV, it's one download and a whole lot of patches, with the bonus of an MMO that now we can enjoy with friends. The icing on the cake would be playing with all my friends on any platform.

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Full cross-save will change gaming

Cross-play is a game-changer. I know everyone says that, but it's true. When you can play your games on the console you love with the people you love; you are far more likely to spend money. Companies are finally starting to see this, and the benefits will be seen very quickly.

Now that Sony has joined the cross-play revolution, games like Monster Hunter can achieve their full potential as massive online games. I can't wait to see if Microsoft gets Minecraft onto the PlayStation cross-play system. It's such a huge game — and it doesn't suck like Fortnite — that seeing it work across all the platforms will be a turning point in modern gaming.

I'm also incredibly excited to play the new Destiny 2 on cross-play. I moved from Xbox One to PlayStation 4 when I first started writing, but I miss the clan I used to play with. Being able to reconnect with lost friends will be amazing.

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