There are a lot of fantastic games you can play on a PlayStation 4, but there are only a handful of exclusives that are truly worthy of being system-sellers. Console exclusives are rarer these days, but the PS4 still has games that make you say, "You know what? I'm willing to buy a PS4 just to be able to play that specific game." The games featured below are some of the best of the best and definitely warrant a console purchase to experience them at least once.

★ Featured favorite: God of War

The PS4 has several high caliber exclusives, but none may be better than the latest God of War. Sony Santa Monica knocked it out of the park when it developed the newest entry in the series, this time centered around the rich Norse mythology. Kratos and his son venture between the nine realms in a journey you won't soon forget, from its emotional resonance to its gargantuan set pieces and boss battles.

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Apocalyptic road trip: The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us first graced the PS3 in 2013 and was quickly hailed as a system-seller. Naughty Dog would have been remiss to not remaster it for PS4, so that's exactly what the studio did. If you love single-player games with a strong focus on characters and their relationships, it doesn't get much better than this.

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Web-slinging fun: Marvel's Spider-Man

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better superhero video game that came out in 2018, and it certainly gives the acclaimed Batman: Arkham series a run for its money. Insomniac nailed the feeling of swinging around New York City as Spider-Man and packed in a great story along with impeccable combat.

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Mechanical beasts: Horizon: Zero Dawn - Complete Edition

Horizon: Zero Dawn entered the scene at a perfect time when people were clamoring for an outstanding new IP this console generation. Long after a great disaster causes primitive tribes to pop up in the 31st century, large mechanical beasts are slowly going haywire and taking over the environment. Old meets new in this incredible open-world adventure.

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The final chapter: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Nathan Drake reunites with his older brother Sam for one last adventure trying to find pirate Henry Avery's long-lost treasure to settle a debt. As always, Nathan will be in a race against those looking to stop him and take the treasure for themselves. Naughty Dog takes players all over the world and delivers some of the best action sequences in gaming.

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Greatness from small beginnings: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

While these are some of the oldest games on this list, it wouldn't feel right including Uncharted 4 without including its predecessors that made the series so great in the first place. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection compiles the first three games in the Uncharted series, taking players from the mythical city of Shangri-La to a search for the fabled treasures of El Dorado and a lost city in the Arabian desert.

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Gothic horror: Bloodborne

If you're the kind of gamer who loves a challenge, Bloodborne is the game for you. From the creator of Dark Souls comes this horrifying jump into the gothic city of Yharnam, which is festered with grotesque monsters. You'll need quick reflexes in order to defeat the beasts that block your path and unravel the city's mysteries, but the experience is well worth the price of admission.

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Which games should you try? All of them?

While there aren't too many true console exclusives anymore, Sony has proven that you can still have a great exclusive catalog. The company prides itself on high-quality single-player experiences, and each of the above games is a masterclass in storytelling and world-building.

Relive the nostalgia of your PS3 favorites like The Last Of Us with the remastered quality of the PS4. Or continue along the paths of your favorite characters from past games such as Uncharted. If you truly want the greatest, we'd recommend God of War but you can't go wrong with any of the games on this list.

Through these games you'll find things that make you cry, things that warm your heart, and things that will frighten you. We highly suggest trying each of these games out for the full range of emotions.

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