Best Vertical Stands for PS4 Android Central 2022

While your PlayStation 4 console has a sturdy base to sit on horizontally, there is a way to save some space on the entertainment center. By using a dock, you can easily ensure that, when standing vertically, your console is stable and ready to give you access to your games, music, and movies.

Skywin All-In-One Stand

Bells and whistles: Skywin PSVR Charging Display Stand

Staff pick

This stand has a place to hold almost every PlayStation accessory you can think of, including move wands and PSVR. It also has two fans to keep them cool.

OIVO vertical dock

Just the bells: Oivo Vertical Stand for PlayStation Pro

This Oivo stand includes a cooling system to keep your PS4 running quietly, as well as a charging dock for two controllers with bonus nice LED indicators.

$33 at Amazon
Younik basic PS4 vertical stand

Budget pick: Younik Vertical Stand for PlayStation Pro

Get your PlayStation upon its vertical axis without breaking the bank. This stand is your clean-cut basic vertical stand without any extras or special features.

Kootek vertical PS4 stand

Bold look, low price: Kootek Vertical Stand for Standard PlayStation 4

Kootek stands are slightly bolder, with a wide, hexagonal shape. It includes the standard charging docks and extra USB ports you see on most powered stands.

Kooteck Ps4 Slim Stand

Dual charging: Kootek Vertical Stand for PlayStation 4 Slim

A similar look to the OIVO stand, this Slim counterpart has huge cooling with three fans. External docks for your DualShock controllers keep you charged up.

IDIWEE PS4 car stand

Display in style: LIDIWEE Vertical Stand for PS4 Pro/Slim

LIDIWEE offers a cooling fan, two charging docks, Move docks, and extra USB ports in this neat car-shaped package, which fits either the PS Slim or Pro.

$36 at Amazon

Have you gone vertical?

Vertical stands can help you to save some room if you're rearranging your entertainment center, as well as being a great way to ensure that all of your controllers are charged and ready for when you want to play. Have you been considering a vertical stand? While it may be among the more pricey on offer here, I prefer Skywin Vertical Stand for PlayStation Pro & PSVR. It does the simple job of holding my PS4 and PSVR gear upright while charging all my controllers, with the bonus of LED indicators that tell me when my controllers are charged.

If you prefer something a little more simple, and you don't happen to have all the bells and whistles for your PlayStation 4, the Kootek Vertical Stand for Standard PlayStation 4 is a good option. The Kootek Vertical stand for the PS4 Slim gives that little extra with controller charging. Both stands offer a clean design to hold your console and controllers, perfect for when just the basics are needed.

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