Best Media Remotes for PS4 Android Central 2022

Consoles have come a long way since their early years, and this means that they're useful for a lot more than just playing video games. Whether you use your PS4 for its apps or to watch movies and listen to music, the DualShock 4 controller isn't exactly designed for non-gaming related activities in mind. That's where media remotes come in, like PDP's excellent Cloud Remote for PS4 that's officially licensed by Sony.

PDP cloud remote

Redesigned perfection: PDP Cloud Remote

Staff favorite

PDP's Cloud Remote for PS4 is quite possibly the best you can get. Its Cloud-assisted technology makes it easily programmable and its redesigned look modernizes it for today's market. Unlike its Universal counterpart, it isn't cluttered with too many buttons and can still control the volume on your television.

PDP universal remote

Multi-purpose: PDP Universal Remote

PDP's Universal Remote looks outdated with a blocky design and way too many buttons, but its compatibility may make up for that. On top of working with PS4, this remote can also control up to three other devices like a TV, cable box, and audio receivers via infrared.

PDP bluetooth media remote

Basic functionality: PDP Bluetooth Enabled Remote

PDP's Bluetooth Remote is cheaper than its siblings, but it also features less functionality. This remote is good for those who only need the basics. It features a similar design to that of the Cloud Remote, though it has fewer dedicated buttons.

Watching just got a lot easier

We've all had the issue of pushing play on our favorite movies, sitting the DualShock controller down, and accidentally hitting one of the trigger buttons. Next thing you know your movie is fast-forwarding and you're getting more spoilers than you bargained for. That's where a universal remote comes in. Instead of fumbling around with a DualShock, use a controller that's much more comfortable for volume and play controls.

Though other brands of media remotes are on the market, PDP is by far the most reliable and the most common that you will come across. And with Sony's official blessing, it's hard to go with any other. Price points all generally range between $20 to $30, so your best bet is grabbing a PDP product like the Cloud Remote.

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