Should I buy a dedicated gaming router for my PS4?

PS4 Pro Hero with games
PS4 Pro Hero with games (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: No. Almost everyone will find that the benefits don't outweigh the costs, and there are much cheaper options for better internet connections and fast speeds.

What is a dedicated gaming router?

Gaming routers are like normal internet routers on crack. They're designed specifically to give you the best wireless connections and speeds for online gaming, and to a certain extent may even go overkill. Most of their designs scream "stereotypical gamer" with their bulky black and red features.

Why don't I need one?

As mentioned above, most of these routers will be overkill for nearly everyone. You can still have a great gaming experience with excellent speeds without having to spends hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

Are there situations where I will need one?

If you game 24/7 and are a serious competitor in a household that uses up a ton of bandwidth—whether from playing games, browsing the internet, or streaming movies—purchasing a gaming router should be on your mind. In situations like these, you'll likely need a more powerful connection to ensure that your gaming experience isn't taking a heavy performance hit.

What are my other options?

If your console is within line of sight to your normal internet router, you may not even need to purchase anything else. So long as your internet package provides a solid speed, your connection should be fine. If it isn't, that's when you may want to invest in a solid Ethernet cable, or consider picking up a cheaper mesh router that can send signals to more rooms in your house.

Jennifer Locke
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